I’m getting closer and closer to finishing my thesis. Just the conclusion left, eeee!!! We’ll see if I can make it happen in the next few weeks. Meanwhile…. back on spring break, Laura and I had just left Death Valley and were on the road to Mt. Zion via Las Vegas, baby!

Although we wouldn’t be stopping for a big party, we definitely needed some lunch and headed over to Lotus of Siam the best Northern Thai food you’ll ever try and recommended by none other than Anthony Bourdain from Parts Unknown. Maiiii Gahhh you have to go try it. Flip to the back of the menu, the Northern Thai dishes, that’s where they grew up, and that’s their speciality so pass on the pad Thai at this place.

It was about a 5 hour drive but we stopped for lunch and here and there until we finally made it!

Van and all, stopped for a photo right at the gate. Like I said before we had not booked any campsites prior to the trip and found out quickly that the campsites inside Zion were already filled to the brim. Luckily, Laura secured a spot at an RV park right outside the gate for our first night there where we were able to get wood for a fire and a hot shower! yeehaw!

Man what a day, those blue skies are all the rage, especially for great photos.

Even saw some goats on a hill as we rounded one of the bends on our first drive through the park. It was so beautiful driving through here. After a drive through the park, dinner, and a hot shower we were off to bed for an early rise the next morning to hike to the top of Angel’s Landing. We also wanted to get a spot at the campsite inside the park the next morning if possible, so we went over to get in line. What a line it was. Waiting for a campsite delayed us for over 2.5 hours! Had we known it was going to be that bad we would have woken really early, driven over and parked our car in the line and taken a nap.

Needless to say we did get a campsite, and after setting up camp, preparing for the hike, and catching the shuttle into the park, we were on our way.

At the base of angel’s landing. Although the sign for the hike says it’s 2.5 miles one way, don’t be fooled, it’s straight up the side of a cliff, it’s steep as all get out, and when you get to the landing area, there’s about another 2 miles to get to the tippy top of the peak.

This wasn’t very long after we began our hike. It was a pretty steep incline winding up and up and up.

See what I mean, we ain’t playing no games son.

As we continued the ascent up and up and up.

It was a lot of climbing/holding onto china ropes/ fearing that someone was going to flip and fall on you.


These views though.

I couldn’t pick my favorites and so you get all of them! I love nature so much, and I love how the red rock mixes with the browns and greens of the rock and vegetation down in the valley.


Seriously so pretty.


We climbed this all the way to the top!

Every time we walked up one area, there would be a dip and another ascent. Pretty soon we weren’t sure when it was going to end.

One more, I just can’t help it!

\Okay, this was pretty much straight up and down, we’ve got to be there soon… right?!

YAyy! Laura and I reppin RBG all day ere’ day.

This one I took on my iPhone as we made it up one of the final peaks to come over to the top and this was the view looking back.

Top of the top of the mountain!

Gotta represent my alma mater, if this wind wood quiet down already.

There we go, #nailedit.

Seriously, LOVE these color combinations.

After we’d had our fair share of time at the top we began our descent.

But not without a few more great views! This picture was taken as we got closer to the valley on the way back down.

Descending… descending. Back down to the ground soon. At the bottom we got back on the shuttle and rode it all the way to the end so we could see where the Narrow’s hike begins and then stopped at the resort inside Zion to go to the gift shop.

We arrived back at camp completely exhausted and very hungry after the hike so we got to work right away to make dinner.

Kitchen is right behind us in the back of the van which was really nice. We also decided on a campfire and played games, listened to music and stayed up until we couldn’t anymore because we were just too tired. Then, we were off to bed.

Cheers to early mornings and adventures all the time. Now where is the gin?!

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