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1. August 2012: I’m off to live in Japan for the next 18 months, follow my journey as I travel Asia and experience the culture!

2. August 2012: Obon, a festival to celebrate the dead held yearly in Japan.

3. August 2012: I arrived in Japan on a Wednesday and on Saturday took a ferry to the Goto Islands and got stuck there for a night.

image4. August 2012: Largets lantern festival in Japan!

image5. September 2012: After going to explore Arita the porcelain capital of Japan we happened upon this German Palace in the middle of nowhere.

image6. September 2012: I finally found a home and I’m so excited to move in!

7. October 2012: You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen a Japanese Major League Baseball Game “Soft Bank Hawks!”

image8. October 2012: The yearly Autumn Festival in Karatsu in which 14 neighborhoods (cho’s) pull 3 ton floats through the streets in celebration.

image9. November 2012: The month long oyster festival in Kashima Sasebo, is where it’s at!

image10. May2013: Dragon Boat races in Okinawa, need I say more?!

image11. May 2013: Not everyone knows English, and I don’t think her parents did.

image12. June 2013: Hiking Miyazaki, hanging out with seasoned Japanese climbers and experiencing the simplicities of life.

image13. June 2013: I’m headed off to work with my sister for a day at the Oshima Shipyard where she teaches English to Japanese contract workers.

image14. June 2013: I’m about to head out on yet another deployment and what better way to spend the last afternoon with my sister then a peacock farm!

image15. October 2013: 99 Wines Features the 99 Wines Event! Kashima, Sasebo, Japan
image16. October 2013: Back to Arita for round 2, this time its all about the pottery

image17. November 2013: Saga International Balloon Festival!

image18. December 2013: Nagasaki Bio Park. Take a look at the exciting animals in Nagasaki.

IMG_121019. January 2014: A look at my Japanese house, furnished! The only thing typical in this Japanese house is the tutami mat room.

IMG_164320. January 2014: Tokoyaki a Japanese delight, also my first Foodie Post!