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1. November 2012: “Rome<3!” First time running the streets of Rome. No looking back.

Italy and Roma 028

2. May 2014: Got Orders to Naples Italy for Shore Duty and I’ve just arrived for the next 2 years!


3. May 2014: One of the first weekends here and I was invited by a group of officers to go boating around Naples and the island of Ichia, YES PLEASE!

Beautiful Ischia

4. May 2014: My Italian Home! After only one day of looking, I am ready to settle with a quiet house overlooking the ocean. Now if only my house hold goods would get here..


5.  June 2014: Boating Round 2, accept this time a storm springs up and we have to battle water spouts to get the hell out of dodge!

Water Spout off the coast of Napoli

6. June 2014: One of my friends from Japan is on her way back to America and has come for a visit. We planned a weekend visiting both Florence and Pisa while staying in the Tuscan Countryside.


7. August 2014: I just met L, a friend of a friend in the Navy and she’s an avid camper/hiker/adventurist. She decided to take me to the Italian hills for a weekend of camping and relaxation on an elevated lake. BEAUTIFUL!

Luna Del Maltese Lake 13

8. September 2014: All of the summer crowds have died down in Italy and I think it’s time to do some exploring in Capri.


9. September 2014: The week right after taking the ferry to Capri we decided to drive a boat from Sorento to Positono  and then to the Blue Grotto!

Boating in Capri 11

10. September 2014: Off to Sardegna and Corsica for the weekend. There was diving, but I didn’t participate.

Caprera Beach jumping 7

11. October 2014: Paragliding in the Abruzzo Mountains, and how you can do it too!

Paragliding Abruzzo Italy 10

12. October 2014: Falling into Fall in the Abruzzo National Park, Italy.

Abruzzo National Park, Italy 16

13. October 2014: Celebrating 239 years the Navy has been in existence at the Navy Ball in Italy. Happy Birthday Navy!

Navy Ball 239 Years! 16

14. November 2014: Tour of the Vatican in Rome with a best friend who was flying through! I believe you should book ahead for a much more stress free experience.

The Vatican, Rome Italy

15. November 2014: After a tour of the Vatican, you can walk down the street to Castel Sant Angelo for a view of the city, and boy is it worth it!

Castel Sant Angelo Rome Italy 11

16. December 2014: When your sister is visiting for the Holiday’s it is a good idea to take her to see the Christmas Lights of Salerno Italy. Not all of the light exhibits are Christmas based.

Cinderella's Carriage Lights Salerno Italy

17. December 2014: Day after Christmas and we headed to Matera Italy to check out the Cave Dwelling’s of the Old Town Sassi. You might also recognize this city because it was used as a filming location for Passion of the Christ.


18. December 2014: Our next stop after Matera, Italy is a small town almost all the way to the East coast called Alberobello, known for their Trulli (or Smurf houses) as most Westerners refer to them.

Alberobello Trulli Houses Italy 20

19. December 2014: Pietrapetosa, a hidden gem in Italy halfway between Naples and Matera. Situated right into the Southern Dolomite’s and most famous for zip-lining in the summertime, it’s a must see if you are passing through the area.

Pietrapetosa Italy 4

20. December 2014: The Greek ruins of Paestum Italy. 3 temples more intact then the most famous Acropolis in Greece and there’s very few tourists there to bother you!

Pasteum Greek Ruins Italy 2

21. Sant’Agata Dei Goti, for a beautiful city and off the beaten path travel, it’s an easy day trip from Naples Italy.

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22. January 2015: The Robert Burns Supper (A famous Scottish Poet) Celebrated with the British Military.

Robert Burns Supper in Italy 23

23. Taking a joyride to Italian Islands, best idea ever. I even got to fly the plane for a few minutes!

View of Ischia Italy from the window

24. February 2015: Capua Italy, we’re headed just North of Naples to the arena Spartucus fought at during 73 BC. The same Spartacus that flees with 70 other captors and starts his own army to fight the Romans.

Ruins Capua Italy 9

25. May 2015: Spending Memorial Day at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Netunno Italy, remembering the fallen Americans during the Liberation of Italy in WWII.

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery Nettuno Italy 13

26. May 2015: Steeped in Naval Tradition, Sixth Fleet has decided to throw a Dining Out with The Battle of Midway as a theme. You’ll have to click below to find out more.

Sixth Fleet Dining Out, USN 9

27. May 2015: The SS163 or the Amalfi Coast Road, a dangerous route to drive but so worth the views along the way. Join us as we drive to Amalfi from Ravello, then on to Positano to spend the evening.

Positano Amalfi Coast 4

28. May 2015: Sentiero Degli Dei or Path of the Gods in English, this path is above the Amalfi coast road looking down to the mountains, hills, and towns. About 3.5 hours hiking, its worth every step for the views.

Sentiero Degli Dei / Path of the Gods Italy 31

29. June 2015: How could you not be excited about driving freely through a safari park and getting up close and personal with the animals? Located at Bari Safari you’re going to love what this place has to offer!

Bari Safari Zoo Park Italy 57

30. June 2015: Biking all the way around Lake Como, 160km/100 miles, in only 2 days. Totally awesome! Felt very empowered at the end 🙂

Made it all away around Lake Como Italy with just a bike!

31. June 2015: The Milan World Expo 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

Milan Italy World Expo 2015 25

32. June 2015: Chasing WWII relics with Dad! He’s come to Italy for a visit! Nettuno, Anzio, and Montecassino. Let’s talk about the liberation of Italy from axis powers.

Anzio Italy Beachead Museum with Dad 2

33. June 2015: The Abbey of Montecassino, how this monastery up on the hill impacted the war and what had to be done to neutralize axis forces. This post has the facts.

Abbey of Montecassino Italy 6

34. June 2015: Decugnano Dei Barbi, a vineyard in Oriveto Italy. Ready for a wine tasting in a chapel and a look down into the caves at exactly how the champagne here is made (they do everything by hand).

Decugnano Dei Barbi Wine Tasting, Orveito Italy 5

35. June 2015: Civita Di Begnoregio, the city that is falling apart. In a world of technology this town has managed to escape world wars and the onslaught of social media.

Civita Di Begnoregio, Italy 3

36. June 2015: Night of the Opera out in the gardens at the Caserta Palace, Italy. Andrea Bocelli is performing and he’ll blow you away. Dad’s my date and we are getting glamorous for the event.

Andrea Bocelli Concert, Caserta Palace Italy 53

37. June 2015: A dear friend is leaving, headed back to the states for duty in Virginia and it wouldn’t be a party if we weren’t able to see her off in style. A pirate party spread across 13 boats off the coast of Naples Italy, we’re headed to Ischia, Procida, and wherever else we can get.

Pirate Boats. Ischia Italy 12

38. June 2015: Headed to Rome to see Mumford & Sons live this is a most exciting day for me. I LOVE MUMFORD AND SONS!

Mumford and Sons 4

39. July 2015: Did you know that there are 2 countries located inside of Italy, both the Vatican City and San Marino. First stop on a road trip to Slovenia, San Marino.

San Marino, country within Italy 5

40. August 2015: An extra day to spare we decided to boat down the coastline of Italy all the way to Amalfi to enjoy lunch. First time the weather and seas were cooperating.

Boating the Amalfi Coast Italy 27

41. September 2015: Sailing the coast of Cinque Terre, getting sea sick, hiking, and enjoying small Italian towns along the way!

Sailing the Coast of Cinque Terre Italy 81

42. September 2015: Headed out on a work field trip we’re going back to WWII and the Amphibious Landings in Salerno Italy during the Italian Campaign, standing at an Italian bunker on the beach and looking out to where the Americans came in to the dismay of the Germans.

Salerno Staff ride, Italy 8

43. October 2015: Back to Abruzzo Italy and this time to Civitella Alfedeno for a day hike… but some elk get involved!

Civitella Alfedena Abruzzo Italy 31

44. October 2015: Headed to Rome for the weekend I convinced the guys to go biking with me on the Appian Way, Rome’s first road. We’re headed back in time to approximately 312 A.D. as we head past all of the ruins along the way.

Biking the Appian Way

45. October 2015: Trafalgar Night. Where we are getting together with the British for the 201th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar, a great British Victory at sea.

Trafalgar Night with the Brits 35

46. October 2015: Whisked away to a Tuscan Castle for the weekend with 18 amazing ladies, there’s wine, great food, a library of books, and just an all around good time, don’t miss it!

Girls Weekend in a Tuscan Castle, Italy 39

47. October 2015: Headed to Bagnoli, Italy for a truffle festival, get ready to see how many different things you can make with truffles as the main ingrediant!


48. February 2016: Headed to Venice for Carnivale, we’re attending a masquerade ball. Come join the festivities!

Venice Italy, Carnival Weekend

49. February 2016: Road Trip! I’m headed North of Naples for some solo travel to 4 Italian cities, Siena, Montepulciano, Orvieto, and Orte.

Solo Road Trip, Orvieto Italy 8

50. March 2016: Headed to the Caserta Palace to bike around the gardens and take a grand tour of some of the rooms. With 1,200 rooms total I don’t think we could get to all of them, but we’re sure gonna try!

Caserta Palace, Naples Italy 7

51. March 2016: L’Antica da Michele, the Eat Pray Love Pizzeria has all the feels and is one of the best pizzas I ever ate, seriously! If you are in Naples, you have to go!

L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele Naples Italy

52. March 2016: The National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy. Checking out sculptures, paintings, artifacts, and mosaics at the museum. A very interesting tour!

Archeological Museum, Naples Italy 21

53. March 2016: Exploring the ruins of Pompeii and checking out the artifacts and pottery in the city.

Touring Pompeii, Naples Italy

54. March 2016: Sitting on the crater rim of Mt. Vesuvius in Naples Italy.