1. May 2009: After finding out that I had been accepted for the August class at OCS (Officer Candidate School USN) the first thought that came to mind was to spend the rest of my savings on a trip of a lifetime before my new job began. There’s not a better place to do that then Hawaii!

Hawaii luau drinking drink

2. April 2014: Hawaii 2009 vs. Hawaii Now! At the end of college before I joined the USN, I went to Hawaii. Just a little reflection going back to Hawaii on military business.


3.: April 2014: Mauna Kea Volcano Trekking. One of my best friends came to vista and we flew to the Big Island to drive to the top of a volcano and it was AWESOME! How you can too.


4. April 2014: After hearing about Soaring in New Zealand and missing the opportunity I decided to try it in Hawaii on the North Shore.

Gliding in Hawaii North Shore