1. July 2014: TOMORROWLAND 2014. And so it begins. I’ve just arrived and already lost my wallet, recovered it and on day 1 of the festival had it stolen out of my backpack. I suppose this is the way of things.

tomorrowland 2014 3

2. July 2014: When on a regular old flight from Rome to Barcelona, I think its pretty important to test the waters and see what you can get away with. Like convincing the people in first class and the pilot to agree to turn the plane into a party plane!

Party on a Plane

3. July 2014: After the Tomorrowland ended I came up with a few ideas of things you might need or should take into consideration to make your experience as awesome as possible.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 52

4. July 2014: Tomorrowland Picture Montage. Enough said.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 19

5. July 2014: While at Tomorrowland, it’s always a good idea to have a healthy competition using your country flags to group up and scream and shout. May the best country prevail (America!)

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 77