Ughhh… Day 3 of 14 days sitting around in a hotel room. Even when I come with the best of intentions it starts to grate on my nerves after just a few days stuck in quarantine. This is my second time doing this. The first one was last August in Hawaii. They wouldn’t even let you leave your room then. At least in Virginia you are allowed to go out for a walk. I have been listening to ALOT of audio books and it’s been nice just to get outside and walk. As soon as I wake up and have a coffee I am out the door to get some air and listen to a book. Currently I am listening to “Man Enough” by Justin Baldoni and boy is it good!

I brought an oculus quest 2 VR headset and that has helped me to transform to another location altogether, thankfully! When I play with it I really am amazed how far video games have come since I was back in college. I mean… in the VR gun club game you are basically at a shooting range shooting all kinds of targets, some that even shoot back at you. I am definitely hooked.

As an avid Catan player I’ve been on the Catan universe but I just realized there was a Catan VR game where you can actually sit in a room with people and play Catan. It is ridiculous. I’m also playing a puzzle game called Moss where you are the “being supporting” a mouse named Moss who is on a big journey with a glowing crystal. I love it to although I do find it to be somewhat complex as it is hard to figure things out at times.

Today though, I spent little time playing VR or on Catan universe. I spent the entire day fasting on bone broth and re-working many aspects of my website. Well, I actually forced myself into those 2 things, what I was really worried about was the 55% drop in bitcoin that occurred this morning plummeting Bitcoin to $30,000. Well shit.  I was going to spend the day listening to the usual crypto updates, specifically from Bitboy Crypto, but I decided to just forgo all of that and delve back into the world of CSS and website building, which has gotten much easier since 2008 by the way.

Nargiza, an Uzbek woman I know from Texas is a Bow spring yoga expert and she is doing virtual classes so I’ve set up some private classes with her. She teaches out of Corpus Christi Texas and has been helping me with lower back pain and jaw clenching which I’ve gotten in a bad habit of over the past month. That was a nice one hour break from my mind.

Now it’s late and that’s all the things I did in a nutshell, so enjoy the new look on the website, I finally just said, ahhh screw it and dominated my favorite color on the front page. ORANGE. It feels so much more me now. Hopefully the crypto market has ceased from crashing tomorrow and I’ll be in better spirits.

Enjoy your evening..!