It’s almost official, with less than 7 days left with a job and that nice and fluffy security blanket, I am wigging out. Actually not because of the fact I will no longer have a job even though I have had a job since the day I graduated college. No, it has to do with something else. It has everything to do with the continual occurence of what I consider a shit sandwhich.

This shit sandwhich started on Saturday, with a very cramped bus ride which lasted for over an hour and resulted in me standing outside of a locked car in the pouring rain with 25 pounds of bags on my shoulder and a bird in a backpack. All I’m going to say about that is F*CK. and at least 25 more. Don’t worry the day did not improve one ioda. The miscommunication that I don’t even want to get into occurred and resulted in me leaving the bags somewhere near the car because it was still raining, and walking a mile down the road to a Starbucks and waiting there for 5 hours for a human to show up and give me the keys to said car.

It was completely miserable.

But alas things can only go up from here so let’s just let that pass and move on to the next thing. WRONG. It turns out Honolulu has updated their parking downtown and I cannot even tell you how miserable the next 2 hours were as I drove up and down the roads looking for parking.

And that’s the other thing. Can you imagine just wanting to be your miserable self as you cope with the huge changes occuring in your life while staying at a hotel in downtown Waikiki where everyone is a tourist and has nothing to do but lounge around and party. I am not in the right mindset for this. Yet here I sit in the middle of it all.

Then I go to do my final apartment inspection and because the landlord used to work in a restaurant kitchen he decides he’s going to do a white glove inspection of a 600 sq foot apartment that I had already invested 5 hours in cleaning. Really? Eat a dick.

The days have not improved. I walked 3 miles this morning between 6 and 7 am because I checked to make sure that I had the car keys, then I walked a mile to the car, realized that I couldn’t find the keys, walked a mile back realized that the keys were indeed in the bag all the while, and walked another mile back to the car at which point my bird started vommitting because it turns out that she suffers from motion sickness. WHAT?

If you have experienced a full shit sandwich before I encourage you to share. The past couple days have been the day of days and I really believe things can only go up from here. I am ready to finish up my time in Hawaii and head home for the next big adventure. I’m sure that these things also occur because there is also so much change happening in my life all at once. I went went for a long run yesterday and I just feel 100 times better. I have since returned the car back to my friend, moved out of the hotel to stay with a friend, and am flying home tomorrow. Either way, I got to the this point and I still have all my limbs and sanity in tact. Phew.

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