We are switching things up over here at the Cassey Excursion, and I’m going to be candid with you guys. I went through my bank accounts during my trip and really took a look at my spending for a month long trip on the road in Europe from Ireland–> Scotland–> Faroe Islands–> Denmark–> Iceland. And I’ve broken down my expenses for each country.

Keep in mind that this is a very unique itinerary specific to the things that I wanted to see and do, but I was trying to be quite conservative and save money when I could. While traveling, I did, however, book tours and things regularly which can add up quickly.

Looking at the break down I would probably additionally add maybe $300-$400 for food and drinks but this is an approximation. This is an interesting post for me because I had to really breakdown my spending on the road, which was definitely eye-opening.

On trips like this I always try to be somewhat conservative and thrifty if possible, which is why I chose to stay in Hostels, because they are cheap and I meet many other like minded travelers. As far as tours, I definitely spend quite a bit of money doing things in the cities I visit. Keeping the the total cost of all the flights I purchased lower than $1000, which opened the budget a bit more. The total of my trip came out to beĀ $3,701.14 including the flights and everything except the approximate amount of money I would add for food and drink and the art I bought.

I definitely think you could save even more money in places that are easy to cut back such as restaurant eating and drinking and on gifts and other bits and bobs. If you like to see the sites then it’s going to cost you.

At the bottom of the table you will also see the approximate cost of all the art I bought. Usually, I buy local art from many of the places I visit, but on this trip in particular I spent a bit more then usual. I included it since this was an amount I spent but you can definitely save money if you are not buying copious amount of art.

I can only help this helps some people when planning their own trips. If you have any comments or concerns, please list them below.

Expenses Breakdown: Ireland, Scotland, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Iceland

Flights Total OverallIncludes:
Flight Round trip from San Francisco to Ireland with a 7 night layover in Iceland through WOW Air.

One way flight from Edinburgh, UK to the Faroe Islands
One way trip from Faroe Islands to Dublin Ireland with a 20 hour layover in Copenhagen, Denmark
Trip Insurance with USAA**Covers so much more than airline proposed insurance for sometimes half the price

**Includes 75% reimbursement if you cancel within 48 hours of flight, no questions asked

**100% within 24 hours if military duty came in the way of your trip and you have a letter that specifies this
Transit from Monterey to San Francisco for flights on the Monterey Airbus$50 one way
$90 round trip

I didn't book them together because I wasn't certain of the exact time.
Rental Car Insurance, IrelandRental Car Insurance included with American Express Platinum if you use that credit card$0
Hostel, first 2 nights in Dublin, Ireland-- Jacob's Inn**Large price increase on the weekends, wouldn't recommend during high peak times.$35.25
Rental Car IrelandTotal Cost for the rental car for 9 days was $608.63

Split 2 ways: $304

Average Cost per day: $33

Rental Car IrelandTotal Cost for the rental car for 9 days was $608.63

Split 2 ways: $304

Average Cost per day: $33

Faitle Hostel in Kerry for 1 night before we started biking the ring road$45.11 for 2 people$22.55
Renting Bikes to Bike the Kerry Ring Road15 euro per day for 1 person
rented for 2 days
*With exchange rate 8/21/2018
Hostel in Portmaggee$54.00 / 2$27
Tour of the Skellig Islands (Environmental Tour without landing)" $82.12 for 2 tickets
Tour of Blarney CastleFor 1 person$18.75
Hostel in Dingle, Ireland$29.57 / 2$14.80
ShannonFerry to cut off time from Dingle to the Cliffs of Moher$18.99 one way / 2$9.50
Boat Ride under the Cliffs of Moher from Doolin$35.27 for 2 people
**Was cancelled due to weather, but if you are interested
Hostel in Galway right in downtown$42.3521.17
2 nights in Dublin at the end of our trip in Dublin at the hostel next to Darky Kelly's.$77.74 for 2 people for 2 days$38.87 per person
Hostel for 2 nights in Belfast at Belfast City Backpacker7.75 / night $15.49
Ticket for the Titanic Museum in Belfast21 euro$24.31
Uber from Hostel to the Ferry Station in Belfast$13.37
Ferry from Ireland to ScotlandOne way: 45 GBP$58.12
*With exchange rate 8/21/2018
(Excluding some money spent on food and drinks)
Bus From Cairnryan to GlasgowVery nice bus driver didn't want a ticket$0
Stayed with a friend for 3 nights$0
Train from Glasgow to Oban$35.06
Oban Backpackers$19.30 / night for 2 nights$38.60
Day trip to Isle of Staffa, Iona, and Mull$82.34
*Worth it!
Jacobite Steam Train round tripFort William To Mallaig Return 60 GBP$77.46
*With exchange rate 8/21/2018
Bus Trip to Edinburgh
2 night stay at City Stay Hostel Edinburgh$42
Tram from Downtown Edinburgh to the Airport (one way)$7.91
Giljanes Hostel for 6 days in the Faroe IslandsLOVE LOVE LOVE! Love the owner, love the vibe, loved hanging out here.$230
Rental Car in the Faroe IslandsOwner of the hostel had an extra Car that he let me rent between 25-30 / day.

I used it for 3 days
Food in the Faroe IslandsPrice is for Groceries from the Bonus for the week, not any of the places I ate out and had drinks.$72.19
Food and Drinks at restaurants$110
Helicopter ride between islands$40 round trip
Helicopter ride that was cancelled because of high winds$15 for first flight reimbursed for the return trip
Renting a car from the hostel I was staying at $30 / Day$90
Overnight Stay in CopenhagenSteelhouse Copenhagen, Highly recommend!$28.63
Other bits and bobs$70
Hilton Airport Hotel Dublin a TREAT YOSELF night before flying to Iceland for 7 more days of adventure**Room Service!$62.16
Bus from the Airport in Iceland to downtown Reykjavik**Iceland is pretty expensive! Thanks for the 7 day layover at no extra expense wow air, made it worth it.$42.81
Kex Hostel in Reykjavik Iceland $20.98 / night for 2 nights$41.96
Food in IcelandMy friend Laura and I split the cost of food and primarily made all of our meals in the van. This cost approximately $160 for 6 nights split between 2 people.$79.10
Renting a van for 6 nights in Iceland$846.47
My friend Laura and I stayed in the van the whole week. It was pretty small we should not have listened to the ad that it was big enough for 2 people and gotten the bigger 1!
**Car insurance included through American Express Platinum
$423 / person
Car insurance for camper van we were staying in $0
Blue Lagoon Tour$152.21 for 2 tickets$76.10
2 tickets to the Mumford & Sons Concert Icelandic Airwaves Festival our Last Night in Iceland!$167.70 for 2 tickets$84
All the hot springs in Iceland
(avg. between $4 and $9 for a daily trip)
We went to hot springs in 4 different towns $30
Additional Food, Drinks, and small miscellaneous expenses:Approximately $300-$400 more
In addition, I bought a few pieces of local art I bought throughout the trip.Art from Portmagee $140.88
Art in Ireland $27.14
Art in Scotland $80
Art in Iceland $70.14

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