After one of the most epic and remote weeks I have experienced in the Faroe Islands, I was back on a plane and headed to Denmark for a 21 hour layover. I’m always up to add on a side adventure if only for one day, and the beauty is it did not cost me any extra money for the flight as the 21 hour layover was part of the ticket I bought. #winning.

After checking out some reviews for accomodation in the city, I decided to book a bed at the Steel House Copenhagen, which is one of the classiest hipster hostels I’ve visited today. I used for this one instead of the hostel world app . If you have not yet signed up for, do so with my referral code and we both get $25 after your first stay!

I arrived at the airport after dark and was having a struggle with the lockers at the airport to leave my luggage in. I only wanted to take my small backpack overnight and come back for the rest of my stuff in the morning, to make it easy to navigate and see the city. After 30 minutes I was able to get that sorted and catch a bus into the city.

But seriously, the hostel I stayed at had everything from a gym, to a movie room, to crazy awesome art ^^. I arrived quite exhausted so I opted to just buy beers at the bar and then head to bed. This hostel was next level though because it had so many different things and was well maintained. Very up scale and modern.

But first, there was time to relax in the seating area and enjoy some of my book. P.S, when you are travleing overseas, Barnes & Nobles does not allow you to buy nook books in foreign countries as they are a U.S. compnay. I can usually hop over to Amazon and buy books for my kindle app but when I was in the Faroe Islands I was unable to buy any books as they did not have permissions. PREPARE AHEAD. I always tell myself this and rarely do. I was able to buy the third book in the series in Denmark. Phew. It was an agonizing 8 days though.

My hostel mates were 3 really ridiculously awesome women and one of them grew up in the Faroe Islands! Another was an Indonesian living in Germany and we talked extensively since I was about to start the Indonesian language program at the Defense Language Institute in 2 weeks.

We all sat in the room chatting because the other 2 girls were hilarious, and shortly after that I passed out. Day-Light-Savings could not have come on a better time or day. I got one hour extra of sleep and it was just the thing I needed before waking up early to go out and see the city.

I snapped these photos just after 7am, which is why no one is sitting at the tables. 🙂

Of course I took a city map and headed for the most iconic road in Copenhagen, Nyhavn. The streets were completely empty this early and it was really nice to get out and see the city on a quiet and quaint Sunday morning.

Although, as I was walking down Nyhavn, a strip club was just letting out and it was quite interesting seeing everyone walk out of there wide eyed, complete hott messes with cigs just hanging out of their mouths. I don’t think any of us want to know what was going on in there.

After a couple of different angular shots, I walked towards the main square where the royal guards are located. Copenhagen and really any city proved to be quite the contrast from the curving, fluid, landscape found in the Faroe Islands. The structure works well for this city, and it was quite clean, which is always refreshing.

Love these vans! I really wante to get one 😉

Because I only had a little bit of time I just walked around the city, without getting too indepth with the history. As always, European cities never disappoint.

Not many people were out and about this early, which was a very nice way to take in the city.

The morning guard out roving.
Look at the pup pup! Like Amsterdam, there were many people out on bikes, which is how I wish I could get around every day.

In my short research I found these yellow houses Nyboder and decided to walk by them since they were on the way to the infamous mermaid statue. These houses definitely add flair to the neighborhood in Nyboder.
Constructed in long rows, people live in these houses in Nyboder. Afterwards, I walked over to The Little Mermaid sculpted by Edvard Eriksen, and I walked to this spot through a beautiful and serene park where early morning joggers were out running.Of course there were many tourists over this way, so I took a snap and moved on. I originally had tried to stop in at Mormors for a cafe earlier, but it wasn’t up yet so I waited till the doors open to head back that way.

It’s quite the ecclectic face with tea pots and fancy lights. 

It is jam packed with things to take a look at.

And of course some famous people have stopped by on their way through the city.

I got some carrot cake and a latte, and both were fabulous.

Haha. After dipping out, I stopped at some of the shops that were sprinkled down the road and started walking towards one of the train stations to meet up with some old friends!!!

Orderly rows of trees, so contrary to the Faroe Islands fluidness.

Meet Harshit and Kashup! When I lived for 2 years in Japan with my sister, they worked at the shipyard she woked at and we used to have so much fun together hanging out. They lived on Oshima Island in Japan and would come into Sasebo at night and we would go out for drinks and have dinner, and always laugh so much! They have both transferred from Sasebo to get Master’s degrees in Copenhagen and I immediately messaged them to meet for lunch before I had to go back to the airport.

It was wonderful! We laughed the whole time and had quite a good time. My sister still talks to them regularly and I am hoping that we will all meet in India one day.

After lunch was finished that was my cue, we parted ways and I headed to the airport to pick up my luggage. In the early afternoon I hopped over to Dublin and after over 20 days on the road, I booked a room at one of the Marriott’s near the airport for some relaxation and more importantly, room service!

I had one night at the Marriott and early the next morning I was picking up my round trip flight through WOW air to Iceland for the free 7 day layover to live that can life with my friend Laura. This would be the last leg of my trip, and I was so excited to spend it living out of a van and exploring Iceland!

Stay tuned!

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