Unfortunately my trusty hiking books that have trudged with me so far, began their last journey to Ireland, Scotland, the Faroe Islands and Iceland. I believe that this trip was extraordinary and a good way for them to go out in style.

I love these boots as they have been my trusty companion all these years and felt that I wanted to do something to express what they mean to me. A shadow box was absolutely out of the question because the smell is unbearable, so here is a poem:

Llerrem, Support Me You Must

On the trail I walked
with your tred under me
Trudging, trudging, trudging
I sing, you stomp
You stomp, I sing… badly
The beige brown color smeared
mud swirling, entwining the laces
Squoosh, squoosh, squoosh
With every step I take,
you support me
From the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro,
to the views of Macchu Picchu
You have been the one solid rock
to which I have always trusted,
my feet forever grateful
Your comfort has not gone unseen,
you support me
But the day has come Llerrem
Old and worn, I stare upon you
the familiar laces streaked with mud
An awful smell seeps out from within
I ceremoniously place you in a box,
for what you have done for me,
It is only fitting