This is a short minute away from the daily blogs about Ireland and Scotland, because I want to tell you about something that really matters to me.

Let me start off by saying, I’m writing this post because I want to, because I donate and I think it really matters. As a disclaimer, I’m not affiliated with them in any way besides me being a huge supporter of Charity Water and giving a monthly donation to see good work being done around our world.

You hear a lot about different causes, and I really enjoy giving to causes I believe in, and was instantly inspired by Charity Water. The campaign videos and website just have a way of connecting with you on a human level and it feels really good. One of my favorite things about this organization is that they provide you with constant updates showing you what your donations are providing to the world at the ground level. Almost like in real time you can see how the money you give provides results, I LOVE THAT.Source

What a big difference it can make. If you don’t believe me, look at the latest update I received showing the clean water sources provided to remote villages in Rwanda. I just saw today a video about Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar, and thought about them all huddled on small patches of land after crossing rivers as they run for their lives. With displaced refugees coming from all directions, daily needs are at important and required at the most basic level. That’s why I think Charity water is so valuable, and the work they do is so so SO important.

My story with Charity Water began because of my time at language school learning Bahasa Indonesia. What’s the inspiration you can get from that? Well in the 9 month intensive program I’m in we change lesson topics regularly. One set of topics in particular was about the remote villages in Indonesia and the different ethnic groups that live throughout the islands. The infant mortality rate is much higher in the villages because of the diseases that are prevalent there and because they do not have easy access to clean water sources.

Sometimes, the river that runs near a remote village provides many things: it is the water source, the shower area, the clothes washing area, the area where trash is thrown, and also the bathroom. With all of these activities it can become quite unsanitary and getting clean water can be very difficult. I happened upon a video for Charity Water shortly after those lessons and it felt like it was a sign. I signed up right away and began donating. There is much to do in this world, and I want to help if I know it could potentially make a difference.


Scott Harrison is the founder of Charity Water and the guy behind the magic here so if you are interested in his story, his book will be released in a couple of months.


I’m not asking you to donate, only do that if you want to, I just wanted to highlight the great work they are doing and if it feels good to be a part of it on my end, why not share the love and just keep adding to this amazing community that already exists?

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