You guys this was the last stop on our taste of van life National Parks Road Trip. This also happened over a year ago but that’s the beauty of owning a space in the internet that’s all mine, where I’m not hindered by deadlines. Just me telling stories whenever I want, although I am trying my hardest to get better about it. Although this was the last day of our road trip and I am writing this post way after the fact, this is the trip that would spark a fire in my soul to try to do something like this long term if possible. So we will see..

We came into Palm Springs the night before and stayed at the KOA about a 25 minute drive from the park entrance of Joshua Tree. It was nice, we got our spot, set up for the night, did laundry, they natural hot springs so we lounged for quite some time in the different temperature pools before going to get showers and get ready for bed.


Nothing crazy happened, we just drank some beers and made food, played some cards and went to bed. The next morning we were up early and on our way to the park, with the windows down and Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran blaring through the speakers for maybe the 100th time on this road trip. That was easily our theme song of the trip besides Queens fat bottomed girls.

The sun was shining, we were back in California, and we wanted to enjoy our last day on the road the only way we knew how, with questionable attire, fanny packs, and mellow yellows. Eww I tried to drink the Mellow yellow but it was near impossible. Yuck. haha.

Anyway this was my first time taking a peak at The Joshua Tree, and there are 1000’s of them throughout the park so there are plenty different landscapes to feast your eyes on hear. If we had any gear for bouldering I would have tried it a little bit. All the people we encountered in the park were so free spirited and laid back, the climbing atmosphere which I really enjoy, although I do not climb.

I think we can easily say that all the crazy rock formations in Joshua Tree make for a climber’s wet dream? Am I right?

What I did not know about Joshua Tree is how vast it is, I mean seriously it is one ginormous park, in fact, during the March time frame there were a bunch of flowers blooming in one area but if we would have driven all of the way there to see that part if would have taken over half a day which we decided was not worth it since we were driving on to Laura’s house in Carlsbad later in the day for the night before I took the van back to LA.

I mean everywhere you look, these are just a few photos, you’ll have to stop through and have a look for yourself.

Laura just gettin it on some of these rock formations, a real pro, especially with that fanny!

We stopped by skull rock for a photo op because, look at this sun.

Then there were the cactus fields, and there is also crater lake which you can drive to near Joshua Tree that is a picture in a picture made of crazy landscapes and just pure majestic beauty. We were unable to stop this trip but I’m definitely going to go back.

So many different cacti to see, I mean could you imagine if these lands were not protected by the National Park Service, we really have to ensure these lands remain in tact for future generations, don’t you think?

What a great day to end out trip on spending it among nature that is not often seen throughout this planet.

An ode to the fanny pack, I just like the freedom to act like a fool the road provides to me, I want to let this free spirit out more often.

After we spent the whole morning in Joshua tree and ate lunch we were back on the road to Carlsbad, headed to Laura’s hometown and took Aurora to the beach to enjoy the sunset right by Laura’s house. I mean seriously… Even ended the night making out own pizza at a new pizza shop that had opened and Beauty and the Beast 3D at the theater.

Don’t worry nature, I’m coming for you again soon!

The next day I woke up even earlier and was back on the road to LA to say goodbye to our girl Aurora. The damage had already been done and I knew that deep down in my heart that the van life was not entirely over for me just yet. 😉

I dropped her off and ubur’d to the Los Angeles Airforce Base which was only about a 10 minute drive away and where I had been surreptitiously hiding my car, shhhh, don’t tell. One long day later I was back in Monterey scrubbing my dirt ball body, but actually we were able to get showers mostly every day on the road, and unpacking and cleaning all of my equipment. This trip may have ended, but it was just the beginning…

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