We’re just left the Antelope canyon tour and I thought I would show you a quick photo from the campsite in Lake Powell. Lake Powell is a beautiful and scenic place although talking to some regulars that come here every year, they say there has definitely been chances in the lakes water level recently.And it’s not a good thing! Lake Powell is also where the home of the Rainbow Bridge National Monument, which you can get to by hiring any one of the number of boats down by the docks.

Unfortunately we did not have time to do the tour, and Laura and I  both want to go back one day to see it!

The Lake Powell campground is pretty much right on the lake. Each campsite has a picnic table and fire pit for camping and the hookups on the other side for RV’s. We parked the can and had lunch before we went out for the Antelope Canyon tour.

But first not without a little “tea” 🙂

A few other shots that I have from Antelope Canyon in all her glory. Seriously a really great thing to do if you are near Paige Arizona.

Once we left Antelope Canyon it wasn’t even a 15 minute ride to get to horseshoe bend so we walked over and took the short walk to the edge to see another beautiful thing this Earth created.

Horseshoe bend was also the site of a battle back in the day, which resulted in a treaty that added the state of Alabama to the union and provided just enough fame to Andrew Jackson to get him elected as the 7th president.

We were quite mesmerized by this place if you can’t guess. It’s quite simply AMAZING. I even heard word that on certain rafting trips you swing by these parts, HOW AMAZING WOULD THAT BE?!??

I just kept walking back and forth trying to get a look at every angle. I mean seriously no matter which way you look you won’t be disappointed.

Sometimes I am in the most awe of the Earth and the things that have been created over millions of years.

We of course stopped for a quick photo shoot and then sat and pondered life for a minute before heading back to the van.

Seriously. SERIOUSLY!?! If you are in Paige Arizona, this is a must see. It’s not even a fifteen minute walk from the parking lot to this point.


Both sides of the bend.

TRUTH: “Everything is brought about by nature, not by anything beyond it, or within it, or apart from it.” –Marcus Aurelius.

And that was our trip to Horseshoe Bend, Up next is Monument Valley!

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