It was Laura’s idea to stay in Lake Powell for 2 nights and I’m extremely glad we did! Lake Powell is a beautiful place and the perfect location to explore Paige Arizona from. There is so much to do in this area, and fo course Antelope canyon was on the list. It was astoundingly beautiful, especially with the sunlight entering and bouncing around the canyon. When rocks morph and transform before your eyes, appearing like water itself, you know what a powerful force nature is.

There are plenty of different companies in the town of Paige to jump on last minute for a tour. I’m sure during peak season it would be harder, but this was late March, so there was a bit more availability. We only booked the door a few days in advance.

The 11am and 1pm tours are the prime time to experience the effects of sunlight as shines down into the cavern.

The guides are very good at helping you set your camera to the right setting to capture the picture. As much as I try to capture my adventures through the lens of a camera, I cannot always do it with my emotions are the feeling in my heart when I see such beautiful and magnificent things. Antelope canyon is one of those things.

I mean seriously, as you walk through the narrow passage, every small turn leads to a spectacular sight.

Near the back of the canyon, it opens up slightly, and the sunlight is just magnificent here.

Would you look at it, would you just look at it!?!!

In awe!

There are two types of tours you can do in Antelope canyon. The regular tour and the photographer’s tour where there are fewer people and they allow you to bring a trip pod. The difference is that the regular tour costs about $70 and the Photographer’s tour costs about $150 so be prepared to pay a bit more for it. While we were walking through, photographers were set up for shots of falling sand. I just went ahead and snapped a few photographs of my own, it was a right place right kind of moment.

Darker and lighter, the photography in the canyon is very elusive. But all of it is extrodinary.

You can see the difference the sunlight makes in this picture and the one below. There were barely any changes made to the settings, it purely depends not he shot when you set it up and how much sun is reflected off the walls of the canyon.

This photo makes me laugh so hard, it is way too posed, and ridiculous, I definitely had to share it.

Trying to show you the grainy effect on the walls, not all areas are simply smooth. Large amounts of rainfall in Paige Arizona causes flash floods that come barreling powerfully toward the canyon, and the water sometimes fills up the canyon to the top. This is how you see the water like effects on the walls of the canyon. It’s important to keep careful watch on the weather in this area because flash floods result in deaths when people become trapped or are swept under because the water is so powerful.


Laura took a few shots for me, this one is my favorite and it was taken with my iPhone!

A few more portraits, which are harder to take with the settings on your camera because if you move it all it become blurry. Thanks Laura for taking these shots that came out pretty great!

Paige Arizona is a wonderful town to visit, with many outdoor things to do at Lake Powell, horseshoe bend, other national monuments located in the area. Don’t forget that Navajo Nation does not observe daylight savings times, which can be confusing at times. Don’t miss your tour because you are straddling the border, so don’t forget!

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