Time to hit the road again! And the best part was that the drive from Mt. Zion to Bryce Canyon was barely more than a few ticks away! Definitely the shortest jaunt between national parks on this trip. By the time we were leaving Zion we were already entering Bryce Canyon territory. (Definitely choose to drive on this part of the trip**) haha.


Mt. Zion is definitely a park most people have heard of when you’re talking National Parks, but for some reason Bryce Canyon is less well known, and I don’t know why because it is AMAZING.

Unlike Mt. Zion, we did not have to wait for a campsite. It was still quite chilly in Bryce in March and so there were plenty of spots for everyone. You just fill out your ticket, pay and you have the spot. Yes, the rangers do come by and check so make sure you have your ticket attached to the site.

I mean seriously, just two days prior we were in 102 degree heat in Death Valley and now we are 10 degree heat and it’s SNOWING. Talk about extremes.

We left early in the morning so we could get right to hiking. The ranger’s were predicting a storm to roll in at some point in the afternoon and we did not want to be caught in it that’s for sure.

BUT SERIOUSLY, WOW. There is just so many amazing views no matter which way you turn. Seriously, go here.

See what I mean. Those bright colored rocks with the forest green and the white snow, now that makes for the best combination.

I probably don’t need all of these, but I couldn’t choose so here ya go. When you hike through the canyon even on the easiest trails these are your views for days.

Not over it, definitely not over it!

Showing off our shirt choices of the day, Laura was absolutely freezing in this picture but you can barely tell, hence the shirt. 🙂

After getting lost somehow, (no seriously, how?) this was a common occurrence on the trip and I swear I can read maps and charts. gahhh. We found the right trail eventually and veered off to stop off for lunch and enjoy the general splendor of the area.

This tree is thriving and I love it!

Every day hustle living that van life.

One more shot with that treeeee.

The lighting on this cool crisp day with snow flurries and those blue skies made for quite the colors.



The infamous Thor’s hammer. Looks very powerful amongst these other peaks.

We went quite a ways before we turned back.

We made it back to the van just before the first snow flurries began to fall.

Where we lit a blazing fire and had some skinny pop as a snack.

We opted for a early evening to snuggle down and keep warm. Laura had found these slippers at one of the shops in town for $10 so of course we both snagged a pair!

We chose Pride & Prejudice which is one of my favorites and I fell asleep before the opening credits were even over.

The next morning, we had the best breakfast of our entire trip, Freeze dried biscuits and gravy, BACON, and hot chocolate. That day was our least eventful of the trip as we decided to hunker down, get hot showers, do laundry, and just hang out because it was so freezing outside. The next morning we’d be leaving Bryce to head to Lake Powell. Check back for the story when it hits the street.

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