Do you bank with USAA? This may only fit a small demographic but if you said yes to the question then you should look into using USAA travel insurance for your next big trip. Especially if you are active duty military

I don’t want to admit this, but I’ve been in the Navy for 7 years and just found out about USAA Travel insurance a week ago from a guy named Miles.

There are SOO MANY more perks including when buying travel insurance through USAA  instead of the airlines that I wanted to bring a few of those things to your attention.

If you don’t have time to read this and just want to do your own research, I’ll redirect you to the USAA travel insurance page here.

Using a hypothetical trip I got a quote from two of the major US airlines and then USAA.

The quote I asked for was for a 2 week trip to Chile end of June to July with a state of residence of California and an airline ticket cost of $1500.

Using that information as a quote, I started with United.

Travel insurance will cost $139.o0 and barely covers anything. This is all that comes up when you run the quote on their website.


If you think that Delta Airlines is going to be any better. think again.

Quote results are essentially the same the price for the insurance is also the same.


Now let’s take a look at the same quote through USAA.

As you can instantly see, the results give you 4 different options depending on what kind of insurance you need, does not exceed $88, which is almost $50 cheaper than either of the airlines travel insurance quotes.

Now let’s take a look at what is covered through these insurance options.

You can see for yourself the differences in the options and can go to USAA to check the information for your own trip.

I will point out a couple of things that make this travel insurance hands down more beneficial than other options.

First, if you are active duty military and have to cancel your trip because of an operational commitment, leave chit cancellation, unexpected deployment, etc. you can get 100% of the money from your trip back! This in and of itself makes me feel so much more at ease when buying an airline ticket because when stationed on ships, your leave can be canceled at any time for an underway and that always makes buying an airline ticket hard.

Second, the worldwide trip protector, most expensive travel insurance option, offers a cancellation anytime if the insurance is purchased 30 days prior to the trip. Meaning you will receive 75% of your money back for the trip for having to cancel within 48 hours of the trip for any reason. That in and of itself is amazing!

In addition, the travel insurance pays up to $250 in change fees for having to change your flight. For the United airlines flight I was looking at, the change fee for the ticket cost $400 if it is an international flight, meaning it would only cost me $150 under the USAA insurance.

There is just so much more leniency and options that are available with the USAA insurance. Head over to the USAA travel insurance page to see what your quote would be, and to click on all the question marks for more information. Their travel insurance options are so versatile I am convinced that they have a plan that would fit your needs. Plus at a much cheaper price. You can’t beat it! I just thought I would share because if I didn’t know about it previously then I’m sure someone else out there could benefit from this information.


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