I have writer’s block. I’m in the third quarter of grad school, and just when I thought things were coming together, I just can’t seem to find the inspiration to write the last 3 finals that stand between me and the Holiday season. Gah!

In other news, I did get my thesis proposal signed off by my primary advisor, and that has been a huge relief in this process. What was even more interesting is that my thesis might have some merit with what is going on in the world right now.

Edison & Melrose Afternoon TeaRaven had the best idea to meet for afternoon tea at Edison & Melrose in Monterey, and with the way my luck has been going over the past week, I just through my books on the table, shut my laptop, and headed out for some girl time, and to forget about finals for a moment.

If you haven’t been to Edison and Melrose then I can definitely recommend it. Karen, is the woman who runs the place and she has a British accent that compliments the quaint little tea house.

Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 2After picking which afternoon tea we preferred, our teapots came out primed and ready, and with a cube of sugar, and a dash of cream, we were sipping away the afternoon talking about our futures, celebrity news, and whatever else 4 girls at a tea house can think of.

Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 3 Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 6Shortly after the tea arrived, so did plates of sandwiches– cucumber and mayonnaise, mustard and tuna, and cream cheese and salmon.

Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 4Spending our afternoon with tea and crumpets, scones, and lively banter. It was the perfect break from finals to get a quick reset, and then head home and charge on.
Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 7 Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 9The flower petals interspersed with the sandwiches really was lovely.

Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 10 Edison & Melrose Afternoon Tea 8Our final dish of the day, was a plate of scones with cream, jam and cranberries. After tea we headed home and here I am 1-8 page paper and 2-6 page papers away from the end of the semester. Hopefully, I can push through it, knock these out, and head home to see my nephew. I became an aunt on Friday morning. eeee!!

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