This week in books is quite an emotional read.

If, on the day after the Super Bowl you don’t have to be in till later because of the time difference in Italy, and you find yourself sitting at your kitchen table bawling for a horridly long time because of a book, it’s probably an emotional read.

A really informative story into today’s war we jump right into the story where a group of elite Army girls are being put to the test, just like the special ops men in today’s military.

You get to go round robin with a group of girls who were thrown into the front lines of today’s war before women were even allowed to get that close to the battlefield. Why put them there you ask? With culture and customs in the Middle East it was impossible for men to interact with over 50% of the population located there, the women. What to do about it? Cultural Support Team. Women that would accompany the special forces on their missions outside the wire in Afghanistan and, with the help of a translator, would gather intel to the mission at hand which could help the special forces complete the mission.

Not to mention an inside look into the Afghan-American translators who were immediately brought in and thrown into a job where they also go outside the wire but with no prior training and ill-equipped gear! WTF?

When someone comes up to you and says, “I brought my daughter here today to see what I real hero looks like,” then you’ve done your job well.

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