I’m changing things up and the Matterhorn is involved! Normally I always write about my travels in the order of which they occurred, which keeps me about 1 month behind on the writing for this website almost all the time.

Recently, I went on a very emotional trip that I haven’t fully wrapped my head around or figured out how I would write about, so I’m going to skip it for now, and a few others, we’ll get to them soon, promise.

Skiing in Zermatt, SwitzerlandWhich brings me to Zermatt Switzerland. There’s this crazy way in which the world works,that I haven’t been able to explain. Ever since I’ve started traveling I’ve seen it time and time again and I don’t know if it’s fate or just sheer dumb luck. Where you end up back in place you visited, without fully planning it to happen that way. My first time in Europe for leave travel I spent a day in Paris, then took the train to Zermatt, Switzerland for a week of skiing, and ended in Zurich for some R&R after all the skiing.

I can’t say I’d ever thought I’d be going back. When I moved to Italy 2 years later I knew there were a lot of places to see and many things to do, Zermatt unfortunately was not on the list. Alas, the travel beings that be had other plans and when a huge group of people decided to make this one of the ski trips of 2016, well, I couldn’t resist the pull of that mountain and the ties she has to my heart. I tried though!

Source: @MeganH

Source: @MeganH

When here last time we ended up staying 2 train stops out of the main station of Zermatt at a tiny town called Randa. A really lovely place. But this time we were staying in the town, up a small tiny hill. I mean just look at the picture I took on the balcony (the first one)^ our first morning waking up there. Hence the ties to my heart.

Source: MeganH

Source: MeganH

On the first night we arrived pretty late, after dark, and after a dinner of cheese fondue, we were so sleepy we headed back up the hill to our place and fell asleep, willing the next morning to arrive as quickly as possible.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 13Every morning we would walk into town, stop at the same cafe for a cappuccino, irish coffee, scone, or cinnamon bun, then we would rush over to the rental place, pick up our gear and catch the train to Gronergrat to begin the ski day.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 14You can just slightly see the Matterhorn peaking out of the clouds to the left.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 18On the main road in Zermatt, right after picking up all of our gear. Where are the others?
Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 19Ohh there they are. But wait..
Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 20Thanks for joining the group @TayTayJ.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 21Riding the train up to the start point we stopped for a quick look at Gronergrat, strapped into our ski’s, said, “See ya later” and we were zipping off down the hill. The butterflies in my stomach for that first run were beating at a high degree. Not because I was scared of skiing but because I felt like I was having a small adrenaline being back on this mountain. I absolutely love it!

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 5The first attempt at a gondola selfie. Scott! what in the world?

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 6We couldn’t stop laughing, it’s just a fact.

We were taking a gondola all the way up the mountain and there were a couple of times where the doors would open all the way. Kyle was missing, he took too long to get in our gondola, so at one of the stops we cheered him on until he ran out of his gondola and joined us, to a rowdy applause. A ruckus is an understatement.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 7All of us in one gondola except Scott’s poles are covering Alex’s face.

After skiing a few runs we decided to head over to the other side of the mountain to possibly take the glacier express. DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN SKI TO ITALY FROM SWITZERLAND? The whole back side of the mountain takes you to the town of Beruil- Cervina or Valfournenche, both in Italy. Unfortunately these routes were closed because of the snow situation and we didn’t get to go. I guess that means I’ll just have to go back for a third time.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 4Lunch on the mountain. Just a couple of beers will do. Just kidding.

High up on the mountain we attempted a ski train. What’s a ski train you ask? Precisely my point. They made me second in line on the first try. If me physically putting my ski’s on the ski’s in front of me is an indication that I don’t know what I’m doing, then I’m not sure what is. So as we started going down the mountain and gained speed a bit too closely for comfort, Scott, who was behind yells, “Breakaway, Breakaway!” The only Breakaway I know is when you’re detaching the fuel lines on a ship during a replenishment at sea.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 62In skiing terms, the second person pushes the first person who goes out in front and then the third person pushes the second person and so on. What did I do? Clung for dear life onto the first person, who happened to be Taylor. He was yelling at me as if I know WTF I’m supposed to be doing. He then just tries to get out and we tangle ski’s. My legs start going farther and farther apart. It didn’t end well if you are wondering. I went down hard, lost both of my ski’s, and immediately was redesignated as filmography for the second attempt. Fine by me.

A couple of hours later it was time to ski down the mountain to the bar I remembered last time! Apre ski and some fun was an absolute must. Especially since the Matterhorn had eluded us all day, toying with our emotions, and hiding behind a thick cloud of fog. That floozey.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 73Hennu Stall! This is the place you want to end your day. As you come down the mountain. Just trust me. It was just as good as when I was there in 2012.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 11

They played my alma mater, and I didn’t even request it! This is the most Amazing Apre Ski. Take me hooooommmeee, Country rooaaadds, to the place, where I belooooong! WV <3

I piss my pants laughing at this video every time.

After everyone had provided a round, we decided it was time to head down the mountain so we could turn in our ski’s and meet up with about 12 other friends who were part of our group but were at a bar down in town.

It was a rough night. haha. I woke up the next morning with a pounding head but a determination to hit the mountain at 0800.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 17

Source: @TayTayJ

But first, let me make a snow angel.

Source: MeganH

Source: ScottyJ

Just laying in the snow outside makes me feel so much better.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 30Where’s the water?!

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 22Out on the slopes, the Matterhorn was playing games with us. Specifically, Just the tip. She’s winning.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 23As the day wore on however, more and more of her came into view.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 24“a little bit closer now.”

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 27That sun though.

Taking the Glacier Paradise Express, Europe’s highest cable car up for lunch, was a pretty bad idea. The lack of oxygen does not help hangover’s very much. When I got off the cable car and started walking down the corridor the matting beneath my feet was squishy. I was wearing ski boots and I felt this must be what it is like to walk on the moon. I was dizzy and out of breath by the time we made it to the restaurant, but some soup helped.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 28That view though.

After lunch we headed back down the mountain and met up with a bunch of people from our group.

Source: @MeganH

Source: @MeganH

Lovely photo, in the small window where the Matterhorn was clear and visible. A couple of runs later, the lifts started closing and we headed down to Hanuu Stall for round 2.

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Source: @MeganH

Source: @MeganH

Panoramic view of the Apre ski. Really fun place to hang out. Although, on day 2 they played the same playlist, in the same order. That was kind of odd.

On day 3 visibility conditions were not ideal. The mountain was shrouded in fog for the majority of the day. However that morning a fresh layer of powder came trickling down and covered the trails. We stayed all the way on the left side of the mountain and not many people were out skiing, this was by far my favorite day! Right when I fell into the rhythm of things.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 33All of us up on the mountain. Wind chills were high and we had to stay covered but the ski day was awesome.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 31On the ride over we got into a small 2 seater gondola with a pole right in the middle. We’re just showing off our pole dancing skills. haha.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 26Its so foggy up on the mountain that at the top of this hill you could watch the fog silently whip across the peak as if there was a fog machine going. We were quite literally, in the clouds.
Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 37But damn it looks so beautiful.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 38It was hard to see here.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 34Stopping in for lunch we had potato style pancakes with sausage and a special shoutout to Christopher Rogers for the Erdinger. He loves this beer and every time I have one I think of him 🙂

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 35This was the view from our table at lunch. We were happy to be inside warming up but the corner view had me wanting to finish eating and get back out there!

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 39Such a cute restaurant down the mountain. Had we known it was opened we certainly would have stopped there for lunch but we were taking a mountain pass run that went right by it and couldn’t have known otherwise. Time to head back over to the other side. We had a spa evening on our minds.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 41As we came down the mountain to finish our run in the early afternoon on the third day we saw someone getting life flighted down the mountain. I hope he’s okay! The help flew right over us as it dipped down to grab him and head to the hospital.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 46Back in town we made a few phone calls and an appointment for 6 at one of the hotel spas. Our accommodations didn’t have a hot tub but there are plenty of places to go that do. Till 21:00 we had full access to 2 saunas, aroma room (peppermint in flavor) cold pool with jets, steam bath, ice shower, rain shower, and then regular showers. We took full advantage for about 3 hours. It cost 38 swiss francs per person but was a wonderful time and you could tell that the spa was in excellent condition.

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 47Trying to get warm by the fire while everyone is paying at Hotel Eden. Hi Eileen!

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A MATTERHORN OF MANY SHADES Which one do you like best?

Skiing in Zermatt, Switzerland 71

Source: @TayTayJ

When we got back to the place later that night, Taylor wanted to get that perfect nighttime shot of Her Majesty. All I can say is he #nailedit! It’s so beautiful and with Orion’s belt in the background too. So amazing, and the perfect ending to a marvelous weekend.

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