Yep, as 2015 closes out, or doesn’t because we will continue writing the wrong year for the next few months, I would like to do a quick recap by location of my top 10 most liked Instagram photos. If you aren’t already following me, it only takes a second, promise!

Starting with #10, I’d like to say as a disclaimer I went ahead and did the extra work to figure this one out because the app only gives you your top 9 (what? Why is it an odd number?). I felt like a jackass for settling, so I didn’t.


LOCATION: POSITANO The picture was taken from the Path of the Gods Hike just across the way. It’s a really lovely day hike if you’re ever in the area. For an even bigger challenge hike the entire Path of the Gods, have lunch in Positano, and then hike back to your car. Your legs will be burning at the end, there’s quite a few stairs involved. I haven’t even done it both ways yet.


LOCATION: AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS. So glad you guys love Amsterdam as much as I do. This photo was taken right outside of the Anne Frank house just after I had walked through the museum. It captures the ambiance of the city perfectly with the canals, the eccentric houses full of personality, and the bicycles, SO MANY BICYCLES.


LOCATION: TANZANIA, AFRICA. This was taken at Kibo base camp, Mt. Kilimanjaro. What?! A picture of me made the list?? Thanks. This was right before summit night in the early afternoon we reached the base camp and hunkered down for a few hours before dinner and the climb that was to come. Ready to take on the mountain!


LOCATION: NAPLES, ITALY. If I drive to work late in the morning, I’ll find myself parked on the fifth floor or top deck of the parking garage. Rough life. Up here is the perfect view of Mt. Vesuvius, you know, the volcano that flattened Pompeii back in the day. It’s not often that you are fortunate enough to have a clear enough day to see the volcano in all her glory. This particular morning, however, she was putting on a grand show. The perfect scene to start the work day.


LOCATION: NAPLES, ITALY Taken at my house just after I had raided the NATO base and convinced a guy to let me use his alcohol ration to hook me up. Obviously there are some other gin and scotch connoisseurs out there and as a HUGE gin fan, I’m glad you could agree with me here. I mean who doesn’t want drinks and a good monte cristo cigar on a week night. Yes, Please!


LOCATION: AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS Another picture from Amsterdam hits the list and this one was taken during a bike tour into the country side where we stopped at a cheese and clog farm. The wheels of cheese on the top shelf are the oldest and most refined.


LOCATION: MY HOUSE, NAPLES ITALY. It’s the weekend and I just woke up and I’m jumping right into blogging. I don’t know if it was the John Denver lyrics or the fact that the human race loves cat & dog photos but if so, then Thanks Cuma, for your help in making the top 10!


LOCATION: TANZANIA, AFRICA On the decent. Just after leaving Kibo camp we are on a 3 hour trek down the Marangu route to our camp for the night. Walking by the porters I took a quick snapshot which I’m not even sure they knew I was taking.


LOCATION: CHAMONIX, FRANCE At the top of Aguille Di Midi, a wonderfully scenic place to see the alps on a clear day. The signs are designed to prevent people who don’t know what they are doing from going under the ropes. However if you do know what you’re doing, let the adventure begin! It’s frigidly windy and so beautiful up here at the same time.


LOCATION: TANZANIA, AFRICA At the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s largest peak. It’s good to know that you guys loved this moment as much as I did. I think it has everything to do with the WV flag I’m representing. I carried it all the way to the top because I’m a Mountaineer at heart and I wanted to flaunt my Alma Mater from the top of Africa’s highest peak. That day was challenging and so rewarding at the same time!

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