This Week In Books, its no surprise that My Fight Your Fight would pop up. Ronda Rousey has hit the main stream and taken the world by storm. Breaking multiple barriers for women’s sports, she is the undefeated Bantamweight Champion in UFC and her attitude and work ethic are something to be admired.

My Fight Your FightMy Fight Your Fight, Ronda’s book, tells the story of how she grew up to become the ultimate fighter she is today, her past in the world of Judo and the 2 attempts she made for American gold at the Olympics.

This story had me enraptured. I started reading it while I was waiting for my mom at Barnes and Noble, and I didn’t stop reading it until I finished the next day, that’s how good it is.

Also I would like to point out that Ronda was born on February 1st, same day I was born, but also that it was the year 1987, which means we were born on the same day. Wow, now look where she is, UFC Bantamweight women’s champion.

Its funny to think about things in that way. Anyway, I definitely recommend the book to anyone. It’ll make you get really excited about the UFC. In fact, if you would have told me that I would be paying to watch a UFC fight at any point in time I would have called you crazy, but I’m starting to love it. UFC 190 was worth every second of all 34 seconds.

If you’ve been following the media, it’s hard to miss Ronda because she’s kind of a big deal, but you’ll also have heard her slogan, DNB. “Don’t be a do nothing bitch.” This hits close to home for me being in the military and being stationed on warships, watching women who show up to ships and just bat their eyelashes, push up their boobs, and expect everything to be handed to them. Do you know how hard I had to work to get the respect you just showed up and ruined?! You are a do nothing bitch. Get over yourself and get to work. And what’s the outcome of the majority of these women? They end up pregnant and gone, usually right before a deployment when we can’t get a replacement and we all have to take up the slack. So yeah, I’d say I’m talking from experience.

In the media, when people started attacking the fact that the slogan has “bitch” in it, well you obviously haven’t dealt with the slew of do nothing bitches there are in the world. Get over yourself.

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