The original intention was to post this on Friday, but as it were after two weeks on leave in America I came back to no internet at my house. Which easily led me to have dinner with friends and drink Scotch from Scotland and Vodka from Poland well into Friday night, hence, no post.

I love to read. In fact, if there is a long delay in my posts, a big contribution to such a delay is that I’m reading a book. Sometimes I’m very torn between writing and reading.

Recently I went back to America and I got to go to a Barnes and Noble after 14 months, and it was glorious! I could have spent the whole day there. I could peruse those shelves for hours, but there is a limit to how much weight I’m allowed in my suitcase and not to mention there wasn’t that much room to begin with. I only bought 4 books, but I really only should have bought 2. ha.

There’s been so many interesting and good reads lately I’ve decided to make it a weekly feature on the blog. Or, let’s be real, as timely as I can be about it. So I’ll share some great minds with you and if you ever feel like you have a good recommendation then please comment below and if I have time to check it out, it could be added as a feature.

As far as the guidelines go, these are not book reviews. I’m not going to tell you about complete shit because if it wasn’t worth my time, then it surely isn’t worth yours.

Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman

Starting off the first TWIB, I had to choose a great mind, it also happens to be a book I’m reading at the moment and one I picked up while I was back in the states.
Entitled, “Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman” by Richard P. Feynman this is a man whose mind you want to study. Not only was he a genius, he was a prankster genius and I find that to be the best part about his memoirs. Every story has me laughing, from the time he was a young boy to when he attended MIT, and started work on the Manhattan Project for the atomic bomb during WWII. Most would say he is one of the most iconic, influential and inspiring scientists of the 20th century, and I have to agree.

I don’t want to spoil the book for you so that’s all I’m going to say, but if you are looking for a good read, this is it.

Click the link above to head straight to for pricing.

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