I’m obsessed with Mumford & Sons. I don’t know how it happened or exactly when, it’s just a thing. Ever since I was little I’ve never been obsessed with any one band. I was an 80’s kid who just grew up listening to everything and when all my friends became obsessed with Dave Matthews I jumped on the bandwagon, but only half-heartedly.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy his concerts and we ALWAYS have a great time when we go see Dave, but I wasn’t obsessed with his music in that way you get. I just love him because I see how all of my friends love him, and I can’t resist.

Which is why, when I first started listening to Mumford & Sons, things totally changed. I mean first and foremost how can you not totally fall in love with a band that has a banjo?

I listen to their music all the time and signed up for their newsletter so the moment I found out they would be playing in Rome, it was a done deal.  I would travel anywhere in Europe to see them LIVE. I’d been dying for the opportunity as they’ve been on a short break for quite a few months and I’ve been waiting and waiting for them to post upcoming concert locations and dates.

Which is how I ended up in Rome for their Rockin Roma concert on June 30th. AHHHHH!

Mumford and Sons 4

Source: Jon S.

Sherrie definitely wanted to join and so we had a group of 6 people headed up to Rome for the Rock in Roma concert. I was able to leave a bit early that day from work so a couple of us drove up around 1pm for pre-festivities and to walk over early for a good spot by the stage.

They feature different bands throughout the month so if you are heading up there for one of them then I’ve got the perfect hotel for you, within walking, and at a relatively reasonable price. The name is Hotel Piccolo Borgo.

Wanting to get a good place on stage, we walked over to the concert early.

DSCN2067MUMFORD & SONS we are here!


Mumford and Sons 2Grabbing a few drinks as we walked inside the horse track, we got these free hats! You can never say no to a free hat.

Mumford and Sons Concert RomeCassey and Sherrie photo shoot.

Mumford and Sons Concert Rome 2One more time. You haven’t seen enough of us today.


Mumford and Sons Concert Rome 3

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It was time for the performance. We were up close to the stage dealing with snobby University of Michigan students studying abroad in Rome. I’m all for the studying abroad but don’t be bitches while overseas, its very unattractive. When the band came out and started their performance nothing else mattered and those awful girls faded into the background easily.

They played some new songs and old, most newer, and I fell easily into the steady rhythm of the music, letting it surround me completely.

Mumford and Sons Concert Rome 5

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I love them! Not enough to faint and act all crazy if they invited me backstage, hint hint: Mumford & Sons you should totally invite me backstage at another concert 🙂 but I really enjoy their music.

Mumford and Sons Concert in Rome 6

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One thing I can say about Italian venue’s is they don’t get so crazy when it comes to concerts and stuff. For once they weren’t pushing and shoving people out of the way. Everyone seemed pretty chill during the show.

Does anyone else out there Love Mumford & Sons?!

Mumford and Sons Concert in Rome 5

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11692922_644692130840_817039042_nThere’s another concert coming up in a few weeks I’m hoping to go to in the UK. This will mean twice in one summer! So excited!

Mumford and Sons Concert in Rome 10

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You guys are awesome! I really enjoyed the show in Rome. <3

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