Snaking around impossible corners, over deep ravines and through tunnels gouged from sheer rock, this road puts driving skills and human courage to the supreme test, but the reward is assured: Sublime, often hair-raising views. -The Lonely Planet Book of Great Journey’s

Amalfi Coast, ItalyThe original road is known as the SS 163. It is a 30 mile long stretch which hugs the Amalfi coastline that runs from Sorrento to Salerno or vice-versa, dramatically linking all coastal towns along the way. The road was commissioned by Bourbon King Ferdinand II and was completed in 1853. Although the road is only a 30 mile stretch, what they don’t tell you is how long it actually takes when you factor in buses, windy roads, and tourists.

The coastal road is an awe-inspiring feat and consequently a severe test of driving skill and courage. Poor Cammy ended up with a fresh scratch on her right passenger side door when we got corned by a bus down on the road a couple of weeks back. It probably wasn’t the best idea to bring my Toyota Camry, an American size car on that road knowing how tight it gets in some places.

Instead of starting at one end we decided to wind up and come into Amalfi from the hills of Ravello instead of driving the entire route. I chose this path because Ravello is a beautiful town that overlooks the coast from above and is definitely worth a stop.

Remember Morgan and Jess from my last post? Well they’d been in Italy for only 2 days at this point and I decided the Amalfi Coast was a must for them to explore while they were visiting.

Naples to Ravello, Italy

Naples to Ravello via Google Maps

After a very late night at the Dining Out the night before, we woke up early, packed just a couple of small bags, grabbed some bottled water, and hit the road. We wanted to get to Ravello just in time for lunch. Looking at the map above^ if you see all of those squiggles in the green area just before you reach your destination? That’s where you are winding up and up and up towards the town.


Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 2Just take a look at the blue water and those rolling hills. It’s worth a stop way up here at the top.

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 11


Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 12

There was ALOT of walking this weekend 🙂

Tasting lemon cello, buying lemon cello, we decided to drive all the way down to Amalfi for lunch because we weren’t quite hungry just yet.

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 14

Ravello Porcelain

The porcelain of the Amalfi coast is most talked about with regards to the town of Vietri. Recently I’ve heard word that some people perfer Ravello porcelain over Vietri. For those of you that have been, which do you think is better? It’s a very valid question when dealing with really nice porcelain.

Ravello Amalfi Coast ItalyRight below us, following the road, you will come straight down into the town of Amalfi.

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 3 Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 4We ended up arriving in Ravello, just after the lunch rush and most places in Italy close down between lunch and dinner. For that view we would have had lunch at the top of the hill!

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 5In Ravello square we walked around to some shops and stopped in for souvenirs.

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 6Jess couldn’t seem to take her eyes away from the sandals outside the shop.

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 7Lovely Ladies!

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 8 Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 9 Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 10If art is your fancy then they have a few art shops as well.

Ravello Amalfi Coast Italy 13Plus Wine & Drugs. I’m pretty sure you won’t go wrong if you follow this sign.


Leaving Ravello with a parking ticket (I don’t plan to ever pay) and hungry bellies, we started to wind our way down to the coast and got our first taste of the coastal road. Stopping for over 10 minutes we waited as cars wound their way up a long stretch of one lane road. As we waited, Italians on this stretch knew each other and chatted between cars. Soon it was a Greenlight for go and we were off.

Coming down into the town we found a restaurant right by the water at Amalfi’s small port, and settled in for seafood and pizza.

Amalfi, Amalfi Coast Road Italy Amalfi, Amalfi Coast Road Italy 2Taking a few pictures of the town of Amalfi while sitting at our table for lunch 🙂

Amalfi, Amalfi Coast Road Italy 3Seagulls on the pier, just hanging out.

Amalfi, Amalfi Coast Road Italy 4Finally some food! Always a good part of the day. The girls decided on some pizza while I went with spaghetti and clams in a red sauce. It was just what was needed before we continued our journey.


After arriving at our hotel up on the cliffs, we settled in, stopped by the pool for a little bit of sun, then it was time to get ready for the evening. Winding down a set of steps to the beach, we enjoyed the last few hours of light.

Positano Amalfi CoastWhose excited to see Positano??!

Positano Amalfi Coast 2About halfway down from our hotel to the beach.

Positano Amalfi Coast 3 Positano Amalfi Coast 4Positano’s church from the steps we were walking down to get to the beach. It was easy walking going down, not as easy going back up.

Positano Amalfi Coast 5Yep, more shoes to glance at 🙂

Positano Amalfi Coast 6Walking by Chez Black, we decided on the small bar by the beach for cocktails. I, of course went with the gin and tonic and then afterwards we walked over to Rada Restaurant for our dinner reservation.

Positano Amalfi Coast 8 Positano Amalfi Coast 9That white building all the way down, farthest to the right is Rada Restaurant.

Positano Amalfi Coast 10Up close and personal. The dinners are exquisite, on the high end, and expensive, but here’s why I recommend it.

Just down the steps from Rada is a club called Music on the Rocks which is very fun and by the time the evening rolls around there is a huge line and cover fee to get it. If you choose to have dinner at Rada you can enjoy your evening with wrist bands at the end to get into the club. Just walk down the steps and you’re there. Hello! Best of both worlds in an amazing place in Italy.

Plus if you are visiting Positano and get a nice place to stay on the hill wouldn’t you want to splurge a little on dinner and sitting with a view of the water. I’d think so.

Positano Amalfi Coast 12

Glamour shots with Positano as the back drop.

Positano Amalfi Coast 13

Hello Ladies!

Positano Amalfi Coast 11The beauty of Positano, down by the beach.


Rada Restaurant Music on the Rocks PositanoOur reservation seated us at a 3 person table facing the water, what a great spot!
Rada Restaurant Music on the Rocks Positano 2Starting off with a couple of cocktails and a bottle of wine, we started reading through the menu.

Rada Restaurant Music on the Rocks Positano 3A small tasting tray, compliments of the chef.

Rada Restaurant Music on the Rocks Positano 4Starting off with an appetizer of sashimi in a pea sauce it was a very interesting combination, and one that works!
Rada Restaurant Music on the Rocks Positano 5For my main dish, I decided to opt for the suckling pig, lightly fried.

Rada Restaurant Music on the Rocks Positano 6And for desert? Lemon sorbet with gingerbread crumbs, raspberries, and fresh pineapple. How can you go wrong?

Music on the Rocks Club PositanoMeandering downstairs it was still early yet, but the club was set up and ready. We decided to have drinks and hang out.

Music on the Rocks Club Positano 2Another attempt since last summer, of getting a photograph of this sign. I’m definitely going to need the flash, but I liked the blue lighting.

Music on the Rocks Club Positano 3After a couple more drinks and a chat with an American couple from California, we decided to call our evening early because we were planning the Path of the Gods hike for the next morning and we wanted to get on the road early.

Next Up: Path of the Gods Hike!

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