Body Paint Art Show 27Let’s start with the venue shall we. Nando Di Nunzio, a leather store on the outskirts of the main road of Via Napoli in Pozzouli Italy just outside of Naples. A really great place for custom made leather jackets, and a slew of leather accessories.

Jana, the wife of one of the officers stationed here in Naples has taken up an eccentric hobby where she paints women with body paint and photographs them. The pictures transform into the artwork. Choosing the leather shop for the venue as you walk about you can admire the photos and also do a little shopping of your own, trying on jackets while sipping bubbly champagne from the bar and munching on antipasti (appetizers).

Body Paint Art Show 11

The first glimpse at what the evening has in store

Right after arriving I started my walk-about checking all the nooks and crevices throughout the store for photographs.

Body Paint Art Show

Body Paint Art Show 10

Blue and Blonde is a good combination

Body Paint Art Show 12As you walk around to view the pictures you can also stop to admire the leather jackets interspersed throughout.

Body Paint Art Show 26

Body Paint Art Show 13There was much mingling at the party. The one rule of the evening was you had to tell Jana which picture was your favorite picture.

Body Paint Art Show 15L was contemplating this one.

Body Paint Art Show 16If you passed by the bar on your way in you could easily slip back for champagne, especially if you need some help with your decision.

Body Paint Art Show 17On one side you see leather wallets and scarfs and on the other body art.

Body Paint Art Show 24 Body Paint Art Show 25The room is framed with large mirrors so you can model the leather jackets when you are trying them on, or if you’d like to act a little goofy, that’s my usual MO.

Body Paint Art Show 3

All of your leather options if you are choosing a custom made jacket

Body Paint Art Show 18In the back area there was a collage of the paintings on display.

Body Paint Art Show 5

Then the Jacket modeling started. Once it started it couldn’t be stopped

Body Paint Art Show 6

Dahling, you look so good, it’s a must have!

Body Paint Art Show 7

Needless to say I was headed to a free art show and left with my idea of which custom made leather jacket I must get!

Body Paint Art Show 8


Body Paint Art Show 9

Gotcha again!

Body Paint Art Show 22

Body Paint Art Show 21In the back room, you are able to see leather projects in progress. It’s where they do the design and leather making for the custom jackets.

Body Paint Art Show 23

Body Paint Art Show 2

The Lady of the Night

I end with the bella of the ball and the lady who dreamed up the art and set up the venue. She leaves Naples soon for ‘Merica and I’m so glad to have met her. I’m always one to support a hobby!

Currently she is a Financial Analyst who has taken a break from her career to develop her art. If she could live out her dream it would be to have her very own art studio and host monthly local artists. Through the studio she would then form an association, working together to continue to make art culturally relevant to the next generation.

Need a leather jacket? Live in the Naples area? Nando Di Nunzo is your place. No, they didn’t pay me to say that or anything. Americans get a good deal here, and if you’re not American you’ll still get a good deal because they are honest people.  Trust me, that’s saying something in the Naples area. So stop by and have a look, its worth it.

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