The best part about living abroad is those small day/weekend trips you can take to explore hidden gems, small towns most tourists don’t have time to stop by, or have not heard of. Which is precisely where I want to take you today.

Sant’ Agata Dei Goti

Sant Agata Dei Goti, Italy Unfortunately my sister’s time in Italy was coming to a close and we decided to have one last day trip to see a town purely for her beauty and not much else. We had some shopping to do and would not be stopping for lunch so we got into Cammy the Camry and we headed just North of Naples to a little old town called Sant Agata Dei Goti.

Directions to Sant Agata Dei Goti, ItalyAs you may realize, my starting point is always Naples.

Looking at the map you can see it’s not but a few different roads to get there and as you drive and the roads narrow there are signs for the town that point you in the right direction. It gets a little slow going once you exit off the highway, but take your time and DO enjoy the scenery as it is a nice little drive.

As we approached the town we had a bit of trouble finding the exact area where all of the old buildings were. We ended up driving up and around too far and having to loop back.

While exploring, we also ended up on a road above the town in which we had the first glimpse at what we were looking for. It was obvious because we could see the 3 peaks and looking at previous pictures on the internet it was again obvious that they weren’t lined up correctly and we were looking at things from the wrong angle.

This time we decided to head directly into town taking the right fork in the road instead of the left one that we came into town on.

As we drove around, we came to a bridge and that my friends is what you are looking for. It is the perfect angle and stretches out over a ravine which gives you the grassy area below where the town was built and is the perfect shot for photographs.

Driving farther ahead I pulled over on the side of the road and my sister stayed in the car while I ran back to the bridge to snap a few photos. These were just taken on the iPhone 5 as I had stupidly left my other camera at home, but I think they turned out alright.

Sant Agata Dei Goti, Italy 2 Sant Agata Dei Goti, Italy 4Longer view of the town.

Although we didn’t have very much time on this day to really get out and explore the town or to stop for a bite to eat, the good news is I’m less than an hours drive away and can always go back! Plus it looks like there are a few other places you could go for photos.

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