In the morning we woke up in Matera, Italy which is a city that is about 3 hours to the East of Naples. From there we drove an extra hour East almost all the way to the coast and hit a town called Alberobello.

AlberobelloAlberobello is a quaint little town known for their choice in houses, called Trulli houses. When you see them you will probably agree with me that they look like smurf houses because of their cone roofs.

Alberobello Trulli Houses Alberobello Trulli Houses 2 Alberobello Trulli Houses 3

Alberobello Trulli Houses 5

View from the stoop of our Trulli House

Alberobello Trulli Houses 4There are 2 parts of town, the area where all of the tourists are with many shops to accommodate them which is where we stayed, and then up the road is a much more quiet part of town where the residents live but you can still rent Trulli houses there if you so choose.


Alberobello Trulli Houses 8

Notice the ladder that leads to the roof of the Trulli house…!

Alberobello Trulli Houses 5

The stoop of our Trulli House which had many visitors throughout the night as a good spot to take pictures

Alberobello Trulli Houses 6 Alberobello Trulli Houses 7That evening we were out and about walking through the streets and enjoying the night life. They had lights set up to light up the houses which was pretty cool. We walked right up the street to a local market for a wine and snack tasting that the Trulli house reception told us about and ended up leaving with a case, all kinds of snacks on snacks and a couple of jams. At this point we made the executive decision to walk to the deli and by some meat, olives, and cheese and head back to our Trulli house to enjoy the evening.

Alberobello Trulli Houses 8This night was quite lively, the markets were open late, music was playing and there were lights on the buildings.

Alberobello Trulli House 9

Some random friends we snapped a picture with

Alberobello Trull Houses 10After we went searching for a deck of cards that were outrageously over-priced but it was all in the name for a fun evening, which is why we headed back to eat our wares, drink the wine, and play rummy. Looser had to climb the ladder to the top of the Trulli house. Can’t remember who lost but I ended up there with Sherrie so it had to have been one of us.

I half expected there to be gnome up there smoking a peat pipe and it turns out there was no gnome but we did roll around laughing for some time before coming back down and having my sister yell at us in the name of safety on the ladder.

Top of a Trulli House Trulli Roof Alberobello Italy Roof of the Trulli House Alberobello ItalyThe next morning we decided to actually do a little shopping and walk up the hill for a photo shoot with the Trulli houses.

Alberobello Trull Houses 11

Up the hill we trudged

Alberobello Trull Houses 12Many of the Trulli houses were full of hidden treasures, from a leather shop to souvenirs, to small replica Trulli houses we found goods up and down the streets.

Alberobello Trull Houses 13One of the girls even got a photo frame, hence our small photo shoot to try to get a good picture for it.

Alberobello Trull Houses Italy 14

Alberobello Trull Houses Italy 15Mary decided she was going to get the perfect picture, the problem is she doesn’t have my skills or more importantly my camera 😉

Alberobello Trull Houses 15One more shot of the Trulli houses before we headed back to the car to set out on our way back home.

Alberobello Trull Houses Italy 18 Alberobello Trull Houses Italy 19

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