Salerno Italy Lights

“You simply must go to Salerno and see all of the lights!” was what I was told multiple times by co-workers and civilian workers who have lived in Naples Italy for more than one Christmas. It was only a 40 minute drive outside of Naples. My sister was coming to visit for the holiday’s so inevitably Salerno became a last minute add-on to our list of things to do and see.

Salerno Italy Lights 2I’d only ever seen Salerno¬†in the summer time, when all of the ports are packed to the gills, when everyone is as scantily clad as possible under the hot sun, when the rich yaht owners have just pulled in for a day trip and are meandering around town, and when I came to rent a boat with a group of friends so we could go sailing around the island of Capri.

Salerno in the winter is a whole different animal. First of all, it was already dark when we arrived because you don’t want to see Christmas lights during the day and because it gets dark at around 16:30 which is barely any time to even look around in the dying light. We were all bundled up for the chill winter air as everybody else was and the sounds of Christmas music drifted through the air.

After we had illegally parked Cammy on a side road and walked back towards our first adventure a park full of lights dedicated to all the Disney stories. Now when it comes to the Festive lights of Salerno you can get a map. If you go to the Information center right in the middle of town you can pick up a map of the area with all of the differently themed areas highlighted. Keep that in mind if you don’t feel like wandering around with no idea which direction you are headed in, like we did.

Salerno Italy Lights 3

There were all kinds of filler lights to bring you back to Story Book Forest with mushrooms and tulips and all kinds of fun plants scattered about the park.

Salerno Italy Lights 4One of our favorite things was the entry tunnel into the park. Just a big wall of lights.

Salerno Italy Lights 5The next thing we were drawn to in the park was the big ship! Hook’s ship to be precise.

Pirate Ship Lights Salerno Italy

The Alligators are waiting just in case anyone is made to walk the plank

Story Book Forest Lights Salerno Italy Story Book Forest Lights Salerno Italy 2 Cinderella's Carriage Lights Salerno ItalyCinderella’s carriage. Definitely the next biggest piece in the park. If you are in the area, definitely worth an evening stroll.

Story Book Forest Lights Salerno Italy 2The front of Cinderella’s carriage, you can see the pumpkin off to the side there.

Festive Lights of Salerno Italy 5Walking down the street to the next set of lights the trees in between didn’t disappoint. So many lights everywhere!

Chinese Themed Lights Salerno ItalyCherry Blossoms, love these trees especially made of lights.

Christmas Stand Salerno ItalyNot sure what the flowers are for but the stand was definitely very interesting and I couldn’t resist a quick picture.

The Chinese dragon, definitely amazing and a great set of lights to see leading into the new year.

Afterwards we headed up to the square to see the big christmas tree.

The Big Tree Salerno Italy

A white tree with blue lights, so beautiful! I was loving it.

The Big Tree Salerno Italy 3

My sister & I. I haven’t seen her since I left Japan last February. It was a great reunion.

Christmas tree Selfies, its pretty serious.

Which then led into my favorite area, the solar system in lights@! WOW!

Solar System Lights Salerno Italy

Solar System Lights Salerno Italy 2


Solar System Lights Salerno Italy 3 Solar System Lights Salerno Italy 4Our galaxy.

Solar System Lights Salerno Italy 5

Leading off to the next exhibit.

Solar System Lights Salerno Italy 6 PENGUINS Lights Salerno ItalyWe ended our Christmas light site seeing with a bunch of penguins. By this time my illegal parking spot was making me nervous and we wanted to get back since we had work in the morning. I’m sure there is so much to see that its definitely worth the trip if you have time and are in the area.