A whole lot of walking!

Pigeons just strutting about

Pigeon just strutting about

Photo Tour Athens Greece

And on a most beautiful couple of days at that!

I found out about the Photo Tour through a comment on Instagram. Notes of Nomads saw a post I had made about the conference (TBEX) and told me about their photo tour, an idea to walk through the corner streets and alleyways of Athens. I immediately was looking forward to it.  2 days before the conference began we all met at the metro station. It was my first time meeting all of the people in the photo below. Can you tell where I am? (Where’s Waldo)

Athens Food Tour 46

Source: @NotesforNomads

 As soon as we set off on our trek winding through the streets, the first thing I noticed was all the graffiti. It brings an extraordinary dynamic to this city. I love it.

MEANWHILE a day later and a dollar short I was able to go on the Athens Food Tour booked through Athens Walking Tours, the food tour started early and in the crisp morning air with the sun warming us as it rose in the sky. We pleasantly set off on foot.

Athens Food Tour 2

After a quick stop at a Greek Orthodox church we had a small chat and then headed off for donuts. And what does the Greek Orthodox Church have to do with food you ask?

Ahhhh… it was my same thought, but as it turns out, being religious in Greece is no easy job. Being religious means being a vegan over 150 days a year. Since the Greeks are 97% Greek Orthodox, 2% catholic, and 1% other, it seems they are all in a similar boat, having to trade the meats and eggs for sesame seeds and yogurt regularly.

Athens Food Tour 3Currently, Athens is enduring a huge economic crisis. 1 man owns 56% of all the wealth in Athens leaving not much else for the rest of the city. 75% of Athens thrives on the local businesses which is precisely where we were headed, into the heart of the local businesses.

Athens Food Tour 4One of our first stops was for Loukoumades. I admit to never being a big fan of donuts (I know! What is wrong with me you’re screaming…) but these, these are special and everyone should have one even if its just once in their life. Light and fluffy drizzled with honey and a mixture of spices topped with nuts, even I couldn’t resist such a thing.

Krinos is the famous shop well known for the treat. A dutch girl also commented that they have something very similar in Holland but only once a year and only on New Year’s Eve. They call them Olieboi (just 1) and Olie bollen (plural). It appears I should be in Holland for Christmas Eve because I want more of these treats!

MEANWHILE, over yonder at the photo tour

An old door, full of old magic, can't get enough of them.

There’s magic behind this door, some would say

After a knock on the old door and a peer into a restaurant making preparations for dinner we ended up on side streets right below the hill of the Acropolis.

Listen to some harps while you dine?

Listen to some harps while you dine?

Photo Tour Athens Greece 6

This small house with it’s bright shutters and beautiful blooms seems like the perfect way to watch the seasons pass.

MEANWHILE  on the Athen’s food tour, the meat and fish markets were calling our name. These next few photos are probably not well to be seen by vegetarians.

Meat Market


Athens Food Tour 6

Ground beef, right on the spot

Athens Food Tour 7

As you weave in and out of the stands its easy to see that there is no shortage of meat, whichever cut you should fancy, you can get here. They even had a whole section of livers which smelled abominable. But think of what you can dream up to make such as oxtail stew, pork chops, ribs… all of it!

Athens Food Tour 8You walk through a small and narrow path in-between a meet stand and suddenly you are right in the middle of the fish market. Fish are literally everywhere. Probably not every type in the world but a very wide variety. There’s plenty of different options for many types of dishes, I’m sure you would be quite satisfied with the selection.

Athens Food Tour 9These 2 gentlemen insisted I take a picture of them and then have dinner with them later. I happily agreed to take the picture…

Walking through the market the locals were exuberant, yelling and screaming their wares. It was a bit of a show they put on for the tourists in the room. I enjoyed it throughly although I didn’t understand an ounce of what was being said.

Athens Food Tour 10Squid! Piles of squid. Can’t say I see that everyday.

Athens Food Tour 11ewww… he made me ink! Octopi, also for the pickins.

Athens Food Tour 12Greece is in no shortage of fish!

Athens Food Tour 13 Athens Food Tour 14Did you know that in order to prepare an octopus for cooking you must first remove the beak? That’s the only hard part of their body, they can fit through any hole that fits their beak, like the opening to a glass coke bottle.

MEANWHILE on the photo tour,

As we were deciding which turn to make, a kitten crept upon us.

Did I ever tell you about how much I hate cats?

Did I ever tell you about how much I hate cats?

Don’t worry I’ve never intentionally harmed one or anything like that but I’m not the biggest fan.

Which way to the Acropolis? I can't tell where I amLuckily, in case we were unable to look up and see the Acropolis, this helpful sign pointed us in the right direction.

MEANWHILE down at the food tour

Athens Food Tour 15We entered the Lesvos  grocery store and tried multiple treats. my favorite was without a doubt the honey, how I love honey, especially mixed with skippy all natural peanut butter. We tried wines and olives, jams and tomato sauces.

Athens Food Tour 16At the end, our tour guide let us try the infamous greek yogurt  mixed with jam. I do like yogurt, but this one in particular was very fatty and heavy, and did not sit very well in my stomach. It was definitely worth the tasting though.

Athens Food Tour 17

Finishing up the yogurt, we left the shop and walked down the way to try some more greek treats.

Athens Food Tour 19

I just had to take a picture of the chandelier. I’m not sure of the name of this restaurant but it’s within walking of the others 😉

Athens Food Tour 20They served us multiple dishes like this. Very similar to baklava except that they are not sweet and made for desert but more as a main dish filled with meat and chicken. Aside from my mother’s home cooked baklava I haven’t had any authentic dishes like this before.

MEANWHILE, up on the hill in the photo tour

Photo Tour Athens Greece 12From afar I took a peak at the Temple of Hephaestus, which overlooks the Agora of Athens. It is said that this Temple held the bronze statues of both Athena and Hephaestus.

Cacti my dear

Cacti my dear

I couldn’t resist the cactus picture. hehe.

MEANWHILE, heading back on over to the food tour

Athens Food Tour 24You see this first picture isn’t about food but I couldn’t resist the garden on the side of the building. I might also add that there are some herbs on there, which has everything to do with food…

Athens Food Tour 26As we gathered to take a look at some herbs and ask questions…

Athens Food Tour 28I found out about the resin from Mastic trees which are the little pebbles in the scooper above. This is a main ingredient in chewing gum. Alone it just tastes like wax but you can chew it for a prolonged period of time if you so choose.

Athens Food Tour 29From herbs we moved to salted meats, and salted they were. Not to my particular tasting, they were much too spiced for me.

Athens Food Tour 30UMm Baklava, one of the more well known Greek deserts. Made of filo dough, honey, walnuts, and don’t forget the butter, you can rarely go wrong with a dish like this. Its almost too good to resist for just desert.

Athens Food Tour 31Just so you know, the hanging meats aren’t real, they’re just props but it is very inviting when you walk inside 😉

Athens Food Tour 32Salted and spiced meats. Very potent indeed. One small bite was enough for me.

MEANWHILE, as we finish up at the photo tour

They never said you couldn't golf, while standing on the rocks right off the Acropolis

They never said you couldn’t golf while standing on the rocks right off the Acropolis

Holla from Greece

Holla from Greece. A very happy face from spending time with such brilliant uplifting people

Kae Lani from A Travel Broad, just another brilliant woman from Philly I met at TBEX

Girls photo

Here we are, all of the girls from the photo tour, travel bloggers the lot of us

Don't let a group of travel bloggers see old cameras!!

Don’t let a group of travel bloggers see old cameras!!

Afterwards we danced off into the sunset, or to an evening event filled with free food and drinks and all kinds of perks.

MEANWHILE, as we end the food tour

Athens Food Tour 33Of course I couldn’t leave you in any doubt about the fruit market after all that meat and fish. This one’s outside in the open air too. Dibs on where I’d want to work.

Athens Food Tour 34 Athens Food Tour 35Amongst all of that delicious fresh fruit, we saw a nut guy. Whichever you prefer.

Athens Food Tour 36One big ball of fresh garlic, come and get it.

Athens Food Tour 39Once the tour ended at the end of the fruit stands we went our separate ways. On the way back to the metro I saw these lovely umbrellas filled with flowers and couldn’t help but include them because they are so vibrant and fun.

Athens Food Tour 40Also along the way I walked with Ruth and her son, 2 travelers from Australia and you can see him over in the corner there. He found it very fun to run through the field of pigeons, “he calls them rats with wings” his mother told me. We both laughed.

Athens Food Tour 43I ended the day saying hiiiii to this guy. How awesome would it be to sit and watch all the sights of the day from this one spot. Almost like a fly on the wall except with a much more beautiful sound. This is where I shall leave you, since this post is extraordinarily long already.

Tell me your thoughts friends!

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