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In celebration of the Navy’s 239th Birthday I thought I’d share with you a few laws to live by. There are more versus to the poem then just this, but my favorite ones are on this first page and I always try to live by the last verse, keeping it in the back of my mind. In layman’s terms you can reference the show “You are the weakest link, Good bye”. No matter which way you say that phrase or with what accent, it doesn’t change the fact.

With that out of the way, “Happy Birthday Navy, and let the celebration begin!”  I celebrated the Navy’s 239th Birthday at a golf course not far from Naples Italy and it was quite the to do. A Navy ball is the best incentive for the ladies to get all doll’d up and hit the town. Which is precisely what we did!

Navy Ball 239 Years! 16There was ALOT of fun to be had this night and many beautiful ladies to have it with! With spent the night so went earlier in the day to start getting ready.

Navy Ball 239 Years!We left the men to the uniforms while we opted for much fancier attire to go with the festivities.

Navy Ball 239 Years! 2 Navy Ball 239 Years! 3“Well hello Dahling” Fancy Fancy

Navy Ball 239 Years! 5Its a long known fact that the gentlemen in this picture is well known for giving out a glass slipper to the lucky lady that is classy enough to be called his date. For this event he didn’t bring a lady to the ball but instead found his lady while there, and opted to trade in a small glass slipper for the real deal. Rock it Miguel!

The question we pondered all evening was, “How many glass slippers does Miguel have up his sleeve?” Does anyone have any guesses?!? I’ll let you know if I can weasel the answer out of him.

Navy Ball 239 Years! 6As soon as the dinner ended we immediately made our exit to the dance floor, because letz be real, “the party don’t start till we walk in…!”

Navy Ball 239 Years! 7Maxin Relaxin Chillin all cool, shootin some B-ball outside the pool. Nobody puts Liashek in the corner… or do they?!

Navy Ball 239 Years! 8 Navy Ball 239 Years! 9Duncan was getting a little crazy with his dance moves. If you haven’t seen the sprinkler, lawn mower, or shopping cart (my personal favorite) in awhile, then he’s your man.

Navy Ball 239 Years! 10 Navy Ball 239 Years! 11A toast to the 239th Birthday the Navy has seen. To put it in perspective the church from my small town in Pennsylvania is actually older than the Navy. Mind=blown. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

Navy Ball 239 Years! 12 Navy Ball 239 Years! 13 Navy Ball 239 Years! 14

This beautiful lady is wearing Fendi and it just looks magnificent on her.

Navy Ball 239 Years! 16Girls just wanna have fun! Haven’t heard a truer statement than that, well, ever.

Navy Ball 239 Years! 17

Sassy Ladies

Navy Ball 239 Years! 19While at the bar, these Italians insisted we take a picture of them.

Navy Ball 239 Years! 20This is the last picture I took of the evening, right before I tapped out. Fact.

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