Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany

Hurry quickly, wake up! Round 2 is about to begin. And what better way to start it then with a overly large bratwaurst?

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 2

And so it begins again… Yesterday was Marshall’s choice in tent, and today was mine! I was able to get find out about tickets through a group of Naval Officers from around Europe who were heading to Volksfest the same weekend, and wouldn’t you know, 2 days before we left, 2 tickets became available for only Sunday. Its always a good day when things fall right into your lap.

So after a quick wash of the drindl and lederhosen and plenty of water the night before, Marshall and I were up and back at it, heading to the Klaus & Klaus tent for a noon opening. Sunday was much more tame then Saturday. The crowd was full of oldies but goodies and it was actually very nice to enjoy the day with some wild and wiley older women and men (they are always the best hands down). In fact I hope that I’m going to Oktoberfest or Volksfest when I’m 80 years old, drinking liters of beer and eating 1/2 a chicken.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 3

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 4This time we started at noon rather than later, and it was fixing to be a good day right from the start.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 5Once the liters were served up, we had a quick prost and the drinking promptly began.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 6Marshall fit in quite well with our Navy friends and I think he was quite refreshed taking a brake from the army (just kidding!)

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 7I thought the hat was a nice touch and stole it from Tim for a few pictures.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 8Wouldn’t you know, the big parade was on Sunday and they happened to be handing out canned cabbage at one of the floats. I’m just going to say “this really must be a German thing!” we’ve never had cabbage handed out in our parades back in G.O.M.P. (America)

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 8

Right after the cabbage realization, this older fellow walked up. Can’t say I aspire to be him one day but it was quite hilarious none the less.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 9And with a big commotion, the carriages rolled in, entering our tent from the parade outside, bringing the show to us.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 10Then came the authentic German band. Just enough to get our tent nice and lively.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 11Which is why I immediately moved to stand on the bench and start the party myself. Had to take a quick pic for mom & dad before returning to the festivities.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 12Nobody else wanted to join me on the bench but they were more than happy to share a prost from down below.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 13Take a look at this rogue couple. Friends of friends, they had flown all the way in from California to join in on the festivities and lucky were extending their stay to travel around for a couple of weeks before heading back. So worth it!

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 13A batch of pretzels were ordered to soak up some of that beer we were all consuming and mustard was applied, you can’t have pretzels without a tad of mustard.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 14Once we found the beer goggles, literally, even more fun commenced.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 15HA!

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 16We started getting a little rowdy, but everyone knows that’s what happens at Volksfest anyway.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 16

To calm us down, someone ordered this slab of pork and Ohhh Boy was it delicious. I mean it was slowly cooked like the chicken but it was so juicy and good. If there’s one thing we can say its that you’ll never go hungry at Volksfest. All of the food options are quite delicious.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 17

I think we can start to tell that the liters of beer are taking their effect.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany Minion

Then somebody just had to buy a Despicable Me Minion which joined us for night time shenanigans. I promptly sent a picture over to my sister L because she’s a big fan of those minions.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany Minion 2

There were minions everywhere!

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 20

This lady! Her European travel adventure will soon be coming to an end as she’s on her way back to America in a few weeks so we decided to party it up while it lasts!

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 21The band was onboard our agenda and the up beat German music began, which inevitably drew us closer to the stage to spice up the party.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 22YMCA friends, YMCA.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 24I have a huge look of concern on my face, not sure what that’s about but the concentration is keen, I’ll tell you that.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 25I guess that guy saw me taking a picture in his general direction and wanted to look good on camera. haha.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 26The singing began minutes later, not very in tune the lot of us, but the band drowned us out well enough.

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 27Work it!

Volksfest, Stuttgart Germany 28At the  end of the night right before Marshall and I headed home to our beds.

DISCLAIMER: I decided that it would be a very good idea to fly back to Italy Monday morning at 0600, arrive in the terminal at 0800, and go to work at 0900. This is something I will never choose to do in the future. I  made it back fine, got to work, and proceeded to fall asleep 500 times in one hour and then ended up going home at lunch. I didn’t feel good on the plane where there was no turbulence and had to get up at 0330 in order to make it to the airport in time to catch the flight using public transportation. What a HORRIBLE IDEA! I wouldn’t recommend trying this to anyone and you can either call it a JV move or a varsity move but either way its just plane dumb!

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