You can use a ferry to do it!

La Maddalena Sardegna 7From the Italian Island of Sardegna you can take a 50 minute ferry to the French island of Corsica, Sardegna owned by Italy and Corsica owned by France. Didn’t think it could be done did ya?

This is exactly what I got to do when I was visiting Sardegna for the weekend. My friends planned it, I had no idea that both islands were owned by different countries.

But before we jump right into that trip, I want to share a few more pictures on the ferry ride back from La Maddalena (an island right off the coast of Sardegna). There were too many photos for the last post and I wanted to share these as well.

La Maddalena is an island right off the coast of Sardegna (30 minute ferry ride). We decided to go there for a couple of hours and here are some pictures from our ferry ride back.
The port at La Maddalena

La Maddalena Sardegna 3Dragon on a cement pole, pretty cool.
La Maddalena Sardegna 3Very colorful houses!

Once we got back to the port in Sardegna it was a one hour drive to where the ferry was leaving for Corsica. We had 2 cars and we all piled into one, leaving the other one in Sardegna overnight. The ferry ride itself was very enjoyable, the seas were calm on the way across. We used Moby lines Ferry to take us across.

3 people in the group opted to sit downstairs inside the main area where they were serving food and drinks where as I opted to sit outside on the upper deck with the cool air rushing across my face. Then again, I drive my car with both windows down and the music blasting. Since being stationed on a ship the wind rushing across my face calms me and I enjoy it. One of the guys decided to join me on the upper decks and we chatted as we crossed. It was a very enjoyable afternoon.

Ferry Ride between Sardegna and CorsicaAs we came into the harbor there was this gorgeous cave and rock face that was mesmerizing and we walked down to the back deck of the ferry to enjoy the view, as we pulled in.

IMG_6889Ferry Ride back to SardegnaWithin minutes we were heading down to the loading bay to jump in our car. We learned that lesson the hard way on the ferry earlier when we didn’t go down to our cars fast enough and were stuck in the line of pedestrians waiting to get off the ferry. Then, when all the cars started driving off we were the hold up. Opps!

This time we were one of the first ones off. Then we were driving to Porto Vecchio to enjoy the evening.

Corsica 7 Corsica 10Port Vecchio is a quaint, small, french town that’s all walkable and we enjoyed the evening their with good food and good drinks. The next morning it was crepes for breakfast as we meandered through the town.

Caramel CrepeCaramel, how can you resist it?

Church in Crosica, FranceA quaint church for a quaint town.

Corsica, Port Vecchio Anal Street in Corsica, France

No pun intended!

As we said goodbye to the town and headed back over to the port area there were some Giants Tombs along the way and rumor has it as you walk to see them, if you cross the bridge you are instantly thrown back into B.C. times to when the giants tombs were made. Not everybody believed in the magic bridge but lets just say they didn’t see the tombs through B.C. eyes and therefore did not receive the “full” experience.
Giants Tombs, Corsica France Giants Tombs 2 Corsica FranceThe tomb of Lu “Brandali” was made for the collective of the nearby village and included both sexes. About fifty skeletons were found during archeological excavations including different artifacts which date the tomb back to B.C.

Giants Tombs 3 Corsica FranceAfter the tombs we were zipping off to the town to enjoy a few more sites before we had to catch the ferry back to Sardegna.

There were even some crypts that we walked through.

Corsica France 4 Corsica , France 9 Crypt in Corsica, FranceOn the ferry ride back I opted to sit on the upper deck and I actually saw the sun sparkle… wanna see?

Sun from the Ferry between Corsica and SardegnaAs we headed back to the car we also saw a word or warning that all Tourists should abide by. (Even though technically you are)

You are not in Italy Sardegna, ItalyThanks guys for such an awesome trip!

Corsica, France Down steps that lead to the seaAnd hopefully we all embark on another trip again soon!