Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 75On the second day, when we were down at the main stage in the evening I would periodically scan the hill behind me and I noticed that it seemed like the Swiss and the German’s were competing with their flags all the way in the far right corner. There was a huge gaggle from both countries up there and I instantly wanted to go up there and wave my American flag high, because in general that’s what normally happens (all in good fun of course!)

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 44The opportunity presented itself on the third and final day when we were on the bus and we all had our flags with us we ran into another group of Americans. As I was saying before I was very surprised by how many Americans were at Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 62They saw that we had flags and immediately told us that they intended to meet up on the hill in the far right corner at 1800 and we should tell everyone we saw because we wanted to have a big group of people up there.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 61At first we didn’t think we were going to make it because there were a few other stages that we wanted to stop by first and it was 1200 and that was 6 hours in advance, so who knew where we would end up? Somehow in some way I just happened to glance at my clock, saw that it was 5 till 6, and remember that they were meeting up on the hill.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 64Since I had seen the Swiss and the Germans up there the day before I did want to give them a run for their money and we weren’t really doing much else so I asked everyone if they still wanted to go. They agreed that we should since at the time we were just at the food court having a snack and getting beers. As soon as everyone was ready, we headed for the hills.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 65When we arrived, not many Americans had showed up yet but there was a small group with about half American flags and half the Republic of California flags (the majority of the Americans were from California). We joined them on the hill to tremendous cheers and applause and over the next hour the Americans came from everywhere.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 67We were holding our flags up like a beacon of light and they just were coming out of the wood work. When they would arrive they would yell out what city they were from which normally was received by cheers and a warm welcome and then other people from that area would scream back. There was a lot happening up on the hill.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 95Shortly after the Swiss showed up and tried to tie one of their flags onto a huge pole in which we tried to deter them, haha, but it was all in good fun since Tomorrowland is primarily about peace and unity for the world.

Tomorrowland Boom Belgium 100


I did get one girl though because she brought her Canadian flag over and tired to hold it up in front of all of our American flags. Since I was slightly intoxicated and feeling very American I walked over and gave her flag a swift geo chop to the applause of the Americans. We were a rambunctious group and pretty soon the sun was setting and David Gaeta was about to take the stage so we headed down to get right up in the action. This resulted in me almost getting caked by Steve Aoki and I got knocked around a bit in a mosh pit right in front of the stage. TOMORROWLAND!

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