1. Have everyone sitting in the window aisle put down their shades
  2. Remove small strobe lights from grab bag
  3. Start playing music over the intercom
  4. Commence Party

Party on a Plane 4As a disclaimer, this probably won’t work in most circumstances but you could always give your best effort!

It was July 18th and there was a group of us gearing up to head to Brussels Belgium to a very small town outside called Boom, to attend the biggest EDM concert in the world, TOMORROWLAND 2014. With over 200,000 tickets sold out for 2 consecutive weeks within an hour of release, and celebration for the 10th anniversary, this was a place you wanted to be at! I found out about it from a few of my co workers that were going and I was able to get last minute tickets off of a reliable site called viagogo.

All of the people I was going with happened to have the Global World Tour pass, which was a pretty good package all together. It included the 3 day weekend pass, plane ticket, and access to Dreamville, and a shuttle from the airport to Dreamville when you first arrive (Dreamville is the camping grounds at Tomorrowland) . It also included free shuttle service from a listing of hotels in Brussels if you wanted to stay there.

Party on a Plane 2With this package, there was a listing of locations across Europe, and if you left from one of those specified locations, then you were supposed to be on one of the party planes. As it turns out, this ended being too good to be true and only 3 planes that were flying were actual party planes with Tomorrowland flight attendants and the whole kit and caboodle.

3 of our friends from the group were flying from Rome at 1000 and were expecting a party plane. They boarded and took off, nothing. A round of drinks were served, nothing. Where was the party?!?? T, a guy that works in my office, decided that was complete BS and he was going to do something about it.

He stops one of the flight attendants and asks her about the party situation. She tells him she’s sorry but this is not one of the designated party planes, therefore there would not be any partying on board. That put a bit of a damper on the mood, am I right?

T decides he doesn’t like that answer and to pursue the party situation. He asks the flight attendant if they can make this plane a party plane. She tells him she would have to talk to the people in first class and the Captain of the plane before she gives an answer. That satisfies T for the moment.

She goes up to talk to the 5 people in first class (let’s face it we know how many people sit in the front row on European flights) and the Captain and they all agree that the party can commence. Go T!

Party on a Plane 3The flight attendant then allowed him to come to the front of the plane, sit in her chair, and start playing music over the intercom. Everyone immediately started cheering. The Party was beginning and they hadn’t even touched down in Belgium yet.

Since it was 1000 it was pretty bright outside so they closed all of the blinds and then in the Tomorrowland grab bags there were small colored strobe lights that you could take out and hold to strobe for an immediate dance party. Perfect for a plane party!

Everyone took them out of their bags (almost everyone on this flight was going to Tomorrowland) and started strobing their lights, and then minutes later, who decides to join the party? The Captain himself. He said it was the first time he’s ever piloted a party plane and he wanted to get a picture. What does T say next? “Who’s driving this plane?” haha. Probably not the most tactical but it had everyone laughing.

Party on a PlaneThere you have it, 4 simple steps to turning a party plane into a regular plane. Anyone else been on a legit party plane? What’s it like?

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