LockramAs it turns out, there have been a few Game of Thrones Scenes also filmed on the island of Lockram, a 10 minute Ferry ride from the port of Dubrovnik. It cost 7 euros one way so 14 euros round trip which is a pretty good deal to hang out on an island for a day.

M and I were flying out in the evening so we got up early to check out of Sanja’s house and then we headed down to the “Old Town” Medieval City of Dubrovnik, to catch the ferry at the port. Going early in the morning is a huge plus. We left at 0830 and there was barely anyone on the ferry which means that when we were hiking, it felt like we had the entire island to ourselves!

Lockram and DubrovnikAs you can see its only a few lengths away from Dubrovnik, you could swim if you had to. When you are walking to the Old Town there will be people standing outside asking if you would like to go on a kayaking trip around the island. For 30 euros they will give you a lunch and you can go out and around the island, stopping to snorkel in a cave on the other side. We decided against it since we actually wanted to go onto the island, but its an option.

Fort Royal Lockram 9As you can see the island isn’t very large. We decided to hike to Fort Royal which happens to be another scene location for Game of Thrones. I know that Queen Cersi was in it but I don’t recall which one if anyone can help?!

From the top of Fort Royal you can see the medieval city (Dubrovnik Croatia) and the best part is there are tons of trees for shade on a hot summer day and it was such a relaxing island. Like I said, we went early so by the time we were leaving (around 1pm) that’s when the boat loads of tourists were heading over.

Fort Royal Lockram 5 Fort Royal Lockram 6What else is there on Lockram besides hiking, trees, and the fort?

Fort Royal Lockram 2There is a little cafe (kind of expensive since its the only one), there are beaches on both sides of the island so that you can have the sun in the morning and the afternoon, and there’s one beach on the end of the island which happens to be a nude beach, which we stumbled upon.

M was intent of snorkeling so I was like alright lets go down there and test the waters.

Lockram Panoramic

Let’s just say we ended up embracing our free spirits on the Island of Lockram next to Dubrovnik Croatia.

Afterwards we jumped back on the ferry which runs every half hour and went back to the medieval city to check out a Tapas Bar which was so delicious.

Osprey PackWe walked back to Sanja’s house and she and her husband drove us to the airport and they are so cute together. Madly in love and so happy. It was very nice to enjoy their company. It turns out they are both Dubrovnik residents growing up there and they met at the park when she was 12 and he was 17. They’ve been together ever since and love Croatia. I think being there during the war brought them even closer together.

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