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For me, I’m just spinning with excitement and thoughts of all of the possibilities. I have no idea what the next chapter holds, but I can’t wait to find out!

So how did all this come about? Well, my next military tour will be on shore duty, which will be refreshing after living the sea-life over the past 4 years. Its time for a break from all that, and it couldn’t come sooner. Luckily when the listings came out I had 5 different European locations to choose from which was exciting, but I couldn’t be sure where I would fall in the rankings. When you choose, you have to put 20 items on your list, 20! That’s a long list of jobs and places and in reality it pretty much leaves everything up in the air. Choices I had ranged from Rota Spain, Naples Italy, Germany, to Washington D.C., Miami Florida, or I could have stayed in Asia and went to Guam, Northern Japan, or Korea. My #20 choice was Alaska, which is a place I would love to visit, but didn’t want to end up living in.

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In the list of places to end up, I couldn’t get my hopes up for anything until official word came out, since all of these places are so vastly spread out. What does that mean? Well as in all official Military functions I found myself a major player in “The Waiting Game”. It’s where you twiddle your thumbs, check your emails 80 times a day, and eat sleep and breath the anticipation to find out what that next job will be, while the people choosing the jobs for everyone get to fiddle with your fate, make bets on who goes where, and throw ping-pong balls into a cup for positions, or at least I like to think that’s how its done. When they figure it out, they let you know. This can take weeks, which was true for my particular case.



My Captain notified me of the news one morning that I had been chosen to go to Italy, my number one spot [Hell Yeah!] but I decided to wait for the official papers because NOTHING is official in the military without the papers to prove it. They came in just about 2 days before I left for my trip to New Zealand and its been a whirlwind of a past few weeks considering I found out with very short notice. I don’t think this whirlwind will officially stop until I get there, but I couldn’t be happier with the results. When I get home, I’ll have just over a month to get everything ready, prepare to move out, and then fully move out of my little Japanese House Upon the Hill.

I’m so sad to move out of such a great home, but the next chapter awaits and I’m equally excited to see what it holds in store. Along the way I already am in the works planning a few adventures which you’ll find out about soon, and I’m even more excited that this year I am all caught up with my writing so I can share events with you as they happen.

Has anyone else out there ever been uprooted with little to no time to figure everything out, in this case for me its 1 month! Do you have any tips for me as I try to get all of my sh*t together and prepare for my next adventure?!

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