Zorbing was an activity my sister and I had in our sights from the moment we decided to make New Zealand our big ticket trip for Christmas ’13. In doing our research my sister had seen Zorbing on a website and when we realized it was in Rotorua NZ (North Island right by Auckland) it was a no brainer that we would be adding this to our to-do list. So here’s how it went…

Zorbing in Rotura New ZealandWe woke up in the morning in Auckland after arriving at the airport the night before went to Hobbiton that morning in Matamata and we were over to Rotorua within the next few hours. At our hotel they gave us a few pamphlets and there are 2 Zorbing places in Rotorua that are only about a 5 minute drive apart, so we actually drove to both of them to scope them out and see which one we thought was better. It was actually a hard decision but we decided we were going all in, with just a down hill shot and not the zig zag course, so we went back to our original choice.

[INTERJECTION: What’s the easiest way to see New Zealand? Well my sister and I were together and we were able to rent a car for 16 days totaling 657.00. If you split that in half that’s about the same price as all of the bus tickets would cost but we were able to have all the flexibility of having the car and we didn’t have to lug our packs around everywhere.

Zorbing in Rotura New Zealand 2We still stayed in hostels because they are cheap and awesome, and you meet so many people, but the car was the excellent choice for New Zealand. The coolest thing about New Zealand is no matter where you are trying to get it is only a couple of hour car drive away, especially if you plan your trip the right way. The North island is smaller and more maneuverable but the South island is so scenic that it makes up for all of the driving, even still it’s not comparable to a road trip in the U.S. You’re also counting in kilometers instead of miles which makes the numbers wiz by. We also bought a GPS just for our sanity and I KNOW we didn’t go wrong with that choice either, we had no problems getting anywhere.]

Zorbing in Rotura New Zealand 5Alrighty, so Zorbing itself isn’t very scary, if you are afraid of heights, you might be just a little freaked out but once we got into the ball (just think of the YOUR MAMMA joke: Your Mama’s so fat they had to grease the doorway and place a twinkie on the other side to get her through it) because that’s how I felt trying to get inside, it was just loud screams and shrieks of laughter all the way to the bottom. haha. So much fun! You can have up to 3 people inside the ball and my sister and I went together, which just ended up being hilarious and so much fun.

I absolutely recommend this to anyone who is visiting any destination that offers Zorbing. So Awesome!

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