When I first moved to Japan in August, I was so excited to post pictures of My House Upon the Hill.  Since I’ve moved in, I’ve been to many other houses in Japan,  but I haven’t seen any quite like mine. Since I left my home for college I’ve been on the move ever since. I lived in a different place every year in college, I moved to 2 different places in the 2 years I was in Norfolk, I’ve only been in Japan for 18 months and will be getting ready to move again shortly…. you’ll find out soon enough where. ee!


I’m okay with the moving around because it supports my traveling life style. It wasn’t until I moved to Japan that I finally started being quality furniture and decorating my house. I didn’t know it could be so much fun. When I first arrived to Norfolk, I was on an extreme budget and bought most of my furniture second-hand. When I moved in with the guys they already had their house furnished and I didn’t really have to provide any furniture. Right before I moved to Japan I decided I needed a change for the better and I gave away or sold my furniture for very cheap to anybody who wanted it. When they were unpacking my stuff into my new house there was only a crate and a half of things. It took less than 2 hours to unload all of the boxes.  Since I’ve accumulated a few things and I just absolutely love this house, my first experience enjoying a home so much.

IMG_1500We’ll start on the ground floor, with my bedroom. It’s quite small, but that’s not where we spend most of our time, so no matter.

IMG_1504I picked this picture up at a furniture bizarre in Sasebo Japan. The color scheme is definitely to my liking, although I don’t know much about art.

IMG_1508I only included a picture of the shower area because it’s very different than America. This shower area is designed to get wet everywhere, tub, floor, walls, I had never thought of that concept before and love it! My other most favorite thing about Japanese houses is the heated toilet seats. I don’t want to give that up when I leave.

IMG_1510The entry-way to the house, I found this piece at a furniture bizarre in Sasebo, my dad’s old banjo from college and to the right you will see the buoy I accidentally ran over while driving the ship off of the coast of South Korea. It got stuck in the stern gate and the Captain had them bring it up for me (as the Officer of the Deck). It was about 9 ft. tall, but I cut it down and now this souvenir is one I don’t intend to part with.

IMG_1512Up the stairs we go!

IMG_1513Right at the top of the stairs. This house was made in 2000 and is primarily made of wood, something I love about it.IMG_1514This is a built-in activities center at the top of the stairs. This has been great for storage, games, and blankets. It gives a lot of character to the house.

IMG_1643From the other side of the room. You can see to Korean pieces I picked up at a furniture bizarre. The Steptonsu (step like wooden piece to the right, and the book shelf in the back, 5 shelves.

IMG_1632A full picture of the room. I just love hanging out in here with my sister. It’s really comfy and cozy and a lovely way to whittle away lazy days in the afternoon.

IMG_1633Many cabinets for storage. 

IMG_1522My welcome home sign is up! My sister made this for me from when I returned home from my first deployment, Now its custom for it to be hanging when I get home from every underway meaning I just got home recently.

IMG_1543Taking photos just in time for the holidays.

IMG_1536In the back of the room is where my sister lives. The blanket on her bed is from Seoul Korea in the Namdemun markets. Now that’s a place to get relatively cheap and AWESOME blankets.


IMG_1519View from the balcony. Still looks the same as when I moved in.

IMG_1525Kitchen area, connected right to the living room.

IMG_1531IMG_1641A view of the kitchen and as you can see in the back the Tatami Mat room. This is a tradition room that is in most Japanese houses, usually with an area for a shrine. Ours does not have that, but still very nice.

IMG_1644Finally, a close up picture of my book shelf. I’m a huge nerd and love books. Although I keep a Nook on the ship because of the small space we have available, I still like to collect some of my favorites in hard copy when I can.