Me (left) with Jess (Right) at a Rugby Game in Darwin, Austrailia

Since joining the Navy, I have met some extremely interesting and AWESOME people not just in uniform, but outside of uniform through their interests and hobbies as well. Jessica pictured on the right above, is no exception. From our first deployment together I instantly saw her talent when we were allowed to buy nail chits and paint our nails whatever we want while in uniform (only underway and only for a week at a time). She would beg us all to paint our nails and since I have no artistic abilities when it comes to nail designs and polish, there wasn’t much begging needed, I always said Yes!

I didn’t realize how complex the art of nail design could be. Whenever she would paint my nails I would ask her tons of questions and she would always patiently fill me in. Then I thought, why not ask a few more questions and share with all of you guys? And that is how the Interview Section on Dynamic Soarer was born. Feel free to add anything in the comments section below and as always, Enjoy!

As Jessica was on Christmas leave back in the states when I decided this, I sent her a questionnaire and had her fill it out:

Where do your get your inspiration to design nails? At first it was my friend’s blog/tutorial on nails, she opened my eyes to the different possibilities out there when it comes to nail designs. After that, when I realized you can do so much more I just took off running with everything!

When choosing color schemes for a nail design, how do you come up with the ideas? If I fall in love with the color on first sight, I’m going to make it happen. It definitely is a reflection of my mood, bright colors for summer, more warm/woody colors for fall and winter. But really I love to mix it up! How much fun is it to see a pop of neon in the winter! Then for the design I use something that will contrast the main color of nail polish I want. Lately I’ve been all about gold and silver in my designs.

Which celebrity is your favorite when it comes to nail design and wears the best nails? Maybe surprisingly, Rihanna. She’s very bold with her choices, she loves the long stiletto (I call it claws) style, but it works for her. Zoey Deschanel is also really awesome when it comes to doing fun quirky nail designs as well.



What are some of the tools you use when designing nails and what tools can you absolutely not live without? I’ve become dependent on nail tape! You’ve got nail tape that’s really thin that will help you give precise designs, but any kind of tape will work. Plus my nail brushes, most times you can by nail pens and nail polish design sets, but they usually come in your basic colors, so if you want to use what nail polish you got (yes please)! then you should definitely get your own nail brush set, on amazon it cost me $1!!

When it comes to nail news, what is your first choice to get the latest and greatest? INSTAGRAM! PINTEREST! for sure! Those two are the best ones because people are always posting! So there’s always something new.

Your style is unique and fabulous, how do you design nails to fit your unique character and the unique character of your friends? When I see awesome nail designs online I save my favorite ones so I can go back to it easily. Usually I think this person would love this or if I did something like this it would make it me or make it her! It’s like with most people, you see something that inspires you and maybe you want it exactly the same but as soon as you put your hands on it already it starts reflecting you without you really realizing it.

When thinking in terms of glitter/sparkle/ and more sparkles, how much is too much? um NEVER! I would cover myself in glitter if I knew I could get away with it, tastefully of course. Lately in the nail design world/trend, there has been a whole slew of nail polishes focusing on texture now, all sorts of texture. You’ve got your velvet style, your matte style, your fuzzy coat style (sally hansen), very interesting.


But right now I’m a fan of the big pieces of hexagon shaped glitter. It takes on interesting designs, like fish scales, reptile scales, disco ball, shield of armor! You name it, the color you use changes it but you pretty much lay it out the same way. You’ll need tweezers and a shit ton of time and patience, and if you’re doing it….well maybe just leave it on one hand on one finger! Also you’re nail glue to set it. Here’s a perfect example for you  to incorporate the seasons most popular design right now, the snowflake. I’m rocking the snowflake right!


What is your favorite nail polish brand and why? BUTTER LONDON! They have so many great nail color and treatments and they are 3 free, which means no formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate (DBP) but DBP has been banned from use in nail polishes since 2006 in the US, but that doesn’t mean some other countries are not using them. Butter London has pretty everything you’ll want, nail strengthener, cuticle softener, nail polish galore! And extras that allow you to go with the trend or make it your style, like a top coat matte finish for a more matte look.


Does your nail design dictate your wardrobe or does your wardrobe dictate your nail design? Actually I try to keep the 2 quite separate, unless it’s a special occasion.  Sometimes my outfit will inspire me to do a nail design or I’ll get a nail design idea and that will inspire my outfit. For our holiday party my dress dictated everything i was wearing, down to my nails! But for the most part, since I usually wear my nail designs longer than my outfits I’ll try to keep it an expression of me at the time I’m doing them. Right now I’ve got a deep burgundy that was inspired by you (Cassey!!) and snowflake designs on them. But if I could paint your nails right now, I would love to make them a deeper burgundy with gold detailing to make it a subtle edgy, and when people see them they’ll think what a beautiful color, then they’ll notice the gold and be pleasantly surprised, and think how wonderful and edgy. Like you, beautiful, surprising, and edgy!

If you could choose any celebrity to design their nails for the next big event, who would you choose? Oh that’s  a tough one! Right now I’d have to say Connie Britton from Nashville because right now I love that show, and she was the only one in the show that I constantly noticed her nails, no nail designs but great colors!


What are a few things that inspire you when you are thinking of nail designs? When I see something and I think “can I do it?” it makes me want to do something and try!

For someone who likes to travel, what do you recommend in terms of cuticle care and easy as you go-fabulous looking nails??? A 4 style nail filer!!! I love these things, for a number of reasons. If you break a nail already it’s going to look bad if you’ve got jagged edges you didn’t intend. So 4 style allows you to do your basic filing, but then it allows you to do shaping, evening, and then buffing for your entire nail. The buffing will make your nails look shiny fab natural nails. Now if you’re like me and want COLOR! Then go with something basic/minimal design. My go to design choice is a solid color on all your nails except for your ring finger. Right now I’m in love with dark grey, so I would paint all of my nails dark gray, and then on my ring finger, I like to go with a different color and a different texture, so I usually choose a pop of color like blue and make it matte or textured glitter, like The Black Knight nail color from Butter London.