It was finally time for me to get out into the world on my own for some solo travel and the biggest part about traveling solo is where you’re doing it. My choice country to do that was, Thailand. I already live in Japan so I wanted to pick a place that only took about a half of day to get to and what has continuously popped into my head over the past couple of months is Thailand.

Exploring ThailandEver since I’ve had Thailand hung over my head back in the spring of last year, I’ve wanted to go there. My first idea of fun was to go to the Bridge over the River Kwai. This happens to be one of my grandfathers favorite war movies and I can remember my dad and I watching this movie back in the day when I was growing up. I was really excited to go to this bridge.

The bridge and my next adventure will come in my next post. To start you off on my journey through Thailand, I would like to dive straight into the culture. I took a four-hour train ride out of Bangkok to get to the bridge over the river Kwai and we stopped at many stops along the way. The windows on the rickety old train were slated and you could just move the wooden pieces and you had a fully open area to watch the countryside ride by.

Exploring Thailand 3I tried to capture the countryside moments of Thailand on my train ride and this is what I came up with. The Bridge Over the River Kwai will come next! As you can see the rainy season is still upon them and these are the effects of the hurricane that just whipped through the coast of Asia up to Japan before it turned out to sea.
Shortly after I left Thornburi I headed outside of Bangkok to the country side. I’m not sure what is growing here Anyone? But I thought it was beautiful.

Two women on the small walkway from the train station to the town.
Exploring Thailand 4An older and much worked Thai woman sits at a train station with her baskets ready to carry her goods to market.
Exploring Thailand 5Watching the countryside roll by. It was quite a lovely ride.
Exploring Thailand 6At one of the stops, this train was outbound and I snapped a quick pic.
Exploring Thailand 7Thailand Greenery.
Exploring Thailand 8A picture of Thailand’s Prime Minister. They really like the royal family in Thailand and pictures of the King, Queen, and Prime Minister are posted everywhere.
Exploring Thailand 9
Exploring Thailand 10You could stick your whole head out of the train wind to see what was going on.
Exploring Thailand 17Temple.
Exploring Thailand 18Floating Restaurants in Kichinaburi
Exploring Thailand 19
Exploring Thailand 20This is us actually crossing the Bridge Over the River Kwai.
Exploring Thailand 21
Exploring Thailand 25
Exploring Thailand 26This is after I had gotten off at one of the stops, I back tracked to see a cave with a Buddha inside of it.
Exploring Thailand 28At the entrance, flowers to lay at Buda’s feet.
Exploring Thailand 29
Exploring Thailand 29
Exploring Thailand 30I thought this was an interesting combination with the gold Buddha and the surrounding green foliage.
Exploring Thailand 31What you will see very often in Thailand, especially outside of people’s houses. These are used in the Buddhist religion.

Stay tuned for the Bridge Over the River Kwai, coming next!

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