It was time to head back to Arita again to see what the Porcelain has to offer. Last year when I went I focused on the Zwinger Palace because it was mesmerizing and I feel like I couldn’t move past it once I saw it. We headed back to see if they were having another flea market because it was around the same time, but alas they did not. It was quite a dreary day, so the Zwinger Palace looked more drab then I remember it. I’m pretty sure that’s because the sun didn’t make a peep the whole day. That’s okay because now I can show you some of the Porcelain that Arita has to offer.


These goldfish were swimming in the pond and this picture reminds me of a water color painting I saw of goldfish once.


The duck house was still there but the ducks had migrated under a different shelter to get out of the rain. You can see the goldfish in the water.


Back behind the Zwinger Palace is something I had not seen last time. This is a replica of the kilns used in the olden days. You ca see how many kilns it would take to make pieces of pottery. You start by starting a fire in the first kiln and letting it heat up to the desired temperature and then you start fires in the other kilns down the line until they are all blazing. At this point you put the pottery into the kiln to let it bake. It is a time consuming process and would take quite a bit of wood I am sure.


When the pottery is made if it is damaged, no problem, there’s a discard pile right next to the kiln area so you don’t have to work far to trash it.


Wood stacked along the kiln area. The kiln is just a replica, I think they store the wood here for other things but it adds to the effect of what it would be like if the kiln was really working.


Keeping with the German feel of the Zwiger Palace area, you can stop in any of the shops to check out the Porcelain. Most of the pieces in this area are affordable if you like Porcelain but there are some rare pieces in every shop. For me they make for some good porcelain eye candy, but nothing to think about getting.


Just a glance at what you’ll find inside the Porcelain Park shops.



Now if you leave the Porcelain Park and head over to the China Park which is not very far away, you will come upon some higher quality Porcelain. This is actually the shop you can find it in but these are still at discounted prices. If there is even a tiny blemish in the porcelain then it is sent here and sole for 1/3 of the price. Next to this shop is a museum, all porcelain that is perfectly made is sold there for an outstanding price. I’ll stick with the slightly blemished Porcelain if you know what  I mean.


Vases. Most of these start as low as $300.


One of the most expensive tea pots I found. This little guy would run you  about $1,543.50. If you are really into pottery then Arita is the place to be.



This is the set I decided to go with. If you look on the bottom you will see the Kanji for Fujiawa. This is s a specific area in Japan that makes their own Porcelain. As you can see how it gets the name, Fijiawa is famous for having Mt Fuji etched into their work. I bought these all separately to make a little set and when I went to the museum this would have been almost $500! I think I got a steal.

If you have any questions about Arita, let me know.