It was time to say goodbye to my sister again and head off on yet another deployment over here in 7th fleet. What should we do on our last day to enjoy the  Japanese  summer together? she asked. I had been anticipating this and immediately told her that we should go to the peacock farm, a place my department head had found. With only a sense of direction to head in (which is a very typical day in Japan since we can never read the road signs) we set out on a journey to find the Peacock farm!
We found the sign easy enough and after about 4 wrong turns and a few scenic drives around a mountain we found the farm and spent the afternoon enjoying the verbose attitude of the peacock. Let me show you what all we saw:IMG_3559Walking up to the path we saw the cage that houses quite a few peacocks. They were having a lovely afternoon basking in the sun.IMG_3572
2 peacocks enjoying a leisurely stroll in the afternoon sun.IMG_3573
Peacocks on their perch.IMG_3571
The females, not so metrofantastic as the males. Very bland in color.IMG_3565
A very lovely bird. I wouldn’t want to go one on one with one though.IMG_3563
Pluming their feathersIMG_3562 IMG_3561
This guy was starting his mating call of sorts. He was pluming his feathers and telling all of the other males to steer clear as he tried to impress one of the ladies. She stopped for a quick glance but was not thoroughly impressed.IMG_3575
Look at that pretty boy!
IMG_3576 IMG_3579 IMG_3580 IMG_3582 IMG_3584
This is my stump and I will not move.IMG_3590
I threw in a few Flamingos, just to mix it up a bit?IMG_3592
And the prized possession of the day, albino peacocks! Have you ever seen an albino peacock? They have a few here in Japan.IMG_3593
Albino Peacocks!IMG_3594 IMG_3598 And speckled peacocks of course. They have quite the genetic peacock farm here in Japan.IMG_3602
We ended our day with our ritual shobu shobu dinner (it’s a Japanese thing, I’ll explain in a later post) and heading home so I could make my final preparations for the next 3 months. Let me know a crazy peacock story. I want to hear a story similar to The Hangover involving a peacock.