Shortly after the Dragon Boat Races and the Castle Tour we headed back towards the Naval base stopping at a popular spot called American Village. In American Village there is many markets centering around the American culture and I believe it primary targets people from all the military bases in the area. While we were there looking around enjoying the calm atmosphere a street performance began and I was LOVIN IT! The most humorous part about this situation was the peculiar music that was chosen for the performances. It was littered with racial slurs and swear words but I just don’t think they realized it. Judging by the age groups I would say the oldest performer was 16 so we’ll go with their English wasn’t very up to par. What I can say is that I was so impressed by these guys I think they’d be a great candidate for ABDC!

IMG_3420Get it Girls!IMG_3426Listen to the beats and drop it down.IMG_3415

 The Announcer of the night

IMG_3416And the little one’s are up nextIMG_3418

They really know how to throw downIMG_3417

Bam! In the moment I just wished I could be out on the floor doing what they were doing. Look at those moon shoes.


The kicker. When this little girl came out to the dance floor every American was wide eyed and open mouthed. Check out her hat.

IMG_3413She owned itIMG_3410.

Just sayin.


Look at that big toothless grin.IMG_3408

 We Out.

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