So I was able to revel in a most beautiful sunrise out in Thailand which made me a happy camper after all the sea time. Since we were not able to have a port call in Thailand we had been to sea for over 60 days which is quite a long time but not as long as the record which was around 257 days from a big deck warship a couple years back. Regardless any time spent to sea after 30 starts making a person restless and as the days turn into months it doesn’t ever get better. The only cure for a sailor sent to sea is land when he places his foot on it (my personal opinion).

Well it was time for some amphibious operations and I was able to set up shop right next to the ship for a great view of the Marines doing what they do best… pushing boots.

I was out in one of the small boats for the evolution and boy was it the perfect day for that! I had the best view of everything by far and when the sun came up I was captured in the moment. Its days like this that I really love being in the Navy.


We’re off… heading out to set up for the AAV’s


There are our partners in crime doing the same thing.


A very good shot as the sun rises if I don’t say so myself.


Even better.


A Thailand sunrise over the water. the place where I spend the most time.


There she is in all of her glory.


Sending out the AAV’s. Take a look at the Fan Tail (Flight Deck) where a mixture of Marines and Sailors are watching the show.


Hitting the seas.


A close up!


Driving off the back end


In the water and on their way


A picture with the sun




 My favorite picture of the day!