After arriving back from Paris I had barely unpacked before it was time to head out to sea again.  I had only 4 days to gather all of my stuff and prepare for the underway. A hop, skip, and a jump later I was heading out on my first Amphibious Operation on board my ship and I was pretty stoked about it. We would be embarking 400 marines for an exercise down in Thailand. When we brought them onboard in AAV ‘s I grabbed a float coat and a hard hat and headed straight to the center of the action and the best seat in the house… the well deck.

AAV operations USNWe are lowing the doors so they can drive up and into the ship.

AAV operations USN 2 A lovely rainbow graced us with her presence

AAV operations USN 3 Hello boys… for some, this is their first time on a warship.

IMG_3094 They are coming in… the water down here is a gorgeous blue

AAV operations USN 6They are angling to enter

AAV operations USN 7 Incoming

AAV operations USN 8 Crossing the sill

IMG_3098 An amazing day learning new operations.

AAV operations USN 9Inside the well.

AAV operations USN 10They had to turn around and back in.

AAV operations USN 11First Attempt to turn her around

AAV operations USN 14 This reminds me of Austin Powers when he tries to turn that cart around and it takes him 28 tries. haha.

AAV operations USN 13They got it!

AAV operations USN 14 Getting a shot with the Rainbow and the ship

AAV operations USN 15 The last one coming into the station.

AAV operations USN 16 Bird’s eye view.

AAV operations USN 17 && the marines have arrived.

AAV operations USN 18Just two days into the underway and I knew it was bound to be exhausting and exciting at the same time. We had a lot to look forward too and it’s not like many people get to say they’ve done something like this even once in their lives.

I’ve never been embarked with Marines before but there’s one thing I have learned with just one night with them on board… they’re awfully smelly. If you had a chance , would you take an opportunity to stand in a well deck on a warship and wave amphibious craft in?

Stay tuned for more to come on the adventures of the high seas!

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