Zurich Switzerland 2012A view from the city of the top of the Cathedral

As our amazing ski trip came to an end, I was so sad to leave but ready for the last leg of my journey.  My sister and her friend headed back to Japan for my sister’s work and M, L and I caught one more train from Zermatt to Zurich!

We stayed at the Renaissance Marriott Hotel which was very nice and our first night there we walked to a sushi place (go figure, I live in the land of sushi but can’t get enough) and we went to see the Hobit in English but with Swiss and German subtitles. It was magnificent and I had not been to a movie in month

Zurich Switzerland 2012 2

Cathederal Zurich Switzerland

We payed the 2 Franc fee to climb to the top of the trellis’s and look out over the city. We got the student discount, so not a bad deal. After taking a few pictures we walked back down to the main floor and headed out to explore more of the city. Unfortunately it was a holiday for them and none of the shops were open which was a bit of a bummer.

We walked around until we found ourselves in the upper end of the city by all of the high end shops. We did window shopping which worked out just fine because we get to see all of the nice things but have no chance to buy them, and then we headed to a coffee shop for some coffee and pastries. Delicious.

Zurich Switzerland 2012 3All 3 of us looking out over Zurich from the top of the cathedral

Zurich Switzerland 2012 4It reminds me of an industrial City, there is beauty, but I find the city to be somewhat harsher than  anticipated

Zurich Switzerland 2012 5

Spiraling up to the top of the cathedral.

Zurich Switzerland 2012 6

Just enjoying the little things in Zurich, Switzerland

After our shopping extravaganza we headed back to the hotel to lounge and enjoy free drinks on the executive level and we prepared for dinner at the sky bar. It was a very interesting place and very enjoyable. It’s not light on the wallet and the side we went to was more of a Tapas bar but we tried interesting mixed drinks which were very tasty and we each got an appetizer for the pallet.

Very early the next morning it was time for me to say goodbye to M and L and it was bittersweet because we get to spend such little time together as it is, and good times come to an end so quickly!

And then there was 1… After they left for the airport I had one day left before my flight back to Shanghai and then Japan so I went out for a second adventure and this time the shops were open. At the end of the day I had been through 2 souvenir shops, walked along the water and back to the hotel, and I had gotten my upper inner ear lobe pierced.

The next morning I took the train back to Paris and spent my last and final night there and then headed to the airport and made my way back to Fukouka and then Sasebo. It was quite a journey and one that I will cherish forever, especially those beautiful frozen landscapes and the feeling I got in my heart when I stood at the peak of the mountain about to descend after getting off the tallest cable car  in all of Europe! I love Switzerland!

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