HOW to travel PARIS in a day with no tour guide:

Well first things first… start off with a mimosa in your hotel lobby… or three because they are delicious and you are in Paris. Oui Oui.

After meeting up with everyone the night before and touring the Eiffel Tower in style it was time to travel the city and see the other exciting sights Paris has to offer.

We got ourselves a map and started our journey using the subway system. We were staying in St. Dennis so it wasn’t far and very easy to figure out once we asked the hotel front desk which stops all of the major scenery was located.

We wanted to tour the Louvre first so we took the subway to that stop and headed the rest of the way on foot. As soon as we exited the subway terminal it was a site to behold. It was so french, probably because we were in France but the only other place I have to compare is England. I just love taking in all of the sites I can so we took pictures, stopped in a few side shops, and stopped in a cafe for some coffee and begets before heading into the center of the Louvre structure.

The line was quite long for the museum but it went very quickly especially since we were laughing and taking many different pictures. I think a few people thought we were crazy.

Once inside we waited in another line to pay and then we headed toward the Mona Lisa because they did in fact have it there. I’ve never been big on the Mona Lisa but my sister had a Mona Lisa snow globe when we were growing up and when you would wind it, it would sing the Mona Lisa song by Nat King Cole which I thought was lovely and catchy too. Of course the room holding her was the most crowded of them all so I squeezed my way up for a quick pic and then was on my way. I had to drag the others away.

After some serious examination (just one small side because is HUGE and you could wonder around for days in there) of the Louvre, we walked back outside and walked through an archway towards the ferris wheel. Once we got to the road We happened upon the Paris Obelisk which is the oldest statue in Paris but was not placed there until 1833.

We bought a few snacks at a road side stand and then hailed a taxi to take us to the Sacre Coeur which is a cathedral that sits above the city and when you walk to it you can look out over Paris. Its quite a stunning view. The walk up was very nice with all kinds of little shops. I tried chocolate dipped marshmallows. yummy. We toured inside the cathedral and took pictures outside then we walked back and headed down to the city to find a place for dinner. While walking on our way we found an area where people were selling paintings and both my sister and I bought one because they were beautiful.

We ate an Italian dinner with good wine and grabbed a taxi afterwards to take us to the Palace of Versailles. The palace is a little bit outside of the city so we zipped along and when we pulled up we had just missed the entry time so we took pictures outside and headed back to Paris to see the Notre Dame.

By this time sunset had already occurred, so we saw the Notre Dame at night which I thought was magnificent. We stopped for a few more drinks then took the subway back to our hotel to rest up because we would be heading towards Zermatt tomorrow and that was the most exciting part!