It was time to get SERIOUS!!! My cousin K8t is quite the artist and she lives in downtown Milwaukee. They happened to be having an art festival on one of our last days in Wisconsin so of course we hit the streets and bought jewelry and a few artful things.

They were even having live bands perform in the park and fried corn. It made for a very satisfying afternoon. She told us that she wanted to take us to one of her favorite places on the strip, a place called Splash studio, where you drink and produce art. I will immediate let you know, that my family and I are not the artists of modern-day or any day. We decided to oblige because the idea of drinks and painting sounded fun enough.

When we arrived we put on aprons, ordered drinks, and hit the ground running. They set up portraits for all of us, which were much tinier than the pictures above, but we all went to town. It turned out to be VERY fun.

The artist on the Left, and me on the right.

Still deciding what to draw, it was a very hard decision.

After I started my mini portrait I think I changed my mind on what I wanted to draw a good 10 times. I was being very indecisive but so was everyone else and overall I think that they all turned out great. Here’s all of us below!

The mom’s didn’t participate because they wanted to drink and talk while we made our master pieces.Overall this was a HUGE success and I’d recommend it to anybody who wants something off the beaten path. We laughed hysterically, drank beers, and enjoyed each others company, and all for under $15. It doesn’t get much better than that!

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