They sooo got me! My tricky family. It was a few days before the end of our trip in Wisconsin and my dad asked me if I wanted to go see a movie. I said sure and he told me he wanted to see “Moonrise Kingdom”. I had never even heard of that movie? But I agreed none the less. Well everyone was giving us a hard time about it saying why wasn’t I invited and all that jazz. I actually started feeling bad and I was like should they come dad? He said no, just he and I were going. On the day of the movie, our plans were to go out, see the movie, and then come back and go to a fish fry with everybody. (One of my mom’s most favorite things to eat). Dad told me we were leaving early for the movie, so we headed out and off we were.

To be completely honest with you, the movie was horrible. Ugh. I will never be seeing that movie again. I was waiting and waiting for something spectacular to happen with it but it just never did. I think my dad felt the same way too. On the way back he told me to call my sister and let her know we were just down the road by the Pick N’ Save and we would be picking them up in just a few minutes. I called her and told her that and then a few minutes later we pulled into the driveway.

At this point I should have noticed all of the extra cars in the driveway but what I immediately noticed was that my cousin’s boyfriends truck was parked in front of the mailbox center. He always gets yelled at about that so I jumped out of the car and ran up the walkway to go and tell him that he was parked in the wrong spot before my Aunt saw. He drew my attention just enough that I didn’t even notice everyone else’s cars.

When I walked into the house no one was around and I started screaming everybody’s name. Where were they?! Then I saw a couple of shadows out on the back deck. My uncle is quite the goofster so this didn’t faze me any. They were hiding out there waiting for me to come find them for the fish fry. I opened up the back door and walked outside and they all screamed “SURPRISE!” My first thought was “What? Does this mean we aren’t going to the fish fry?” They caught the whole thing on video. It looked ridiculous when I saw it later. And so the party ensued.

My aunt had made all Japanese food (and picked up some sushi at the market) and they were all wearing japanese hats she had gotten on E-bay.  They even decorated with dragons and lanterns. It was a great night! I love my family!

All of the women, doing what we do best. Being Awesome.

A small group of us.

Where are all of the fellas? I guess they didn’t make these shots.

My cousin doing what she does best.


There was a lot of laughing this night.

And Dancing around.


My sister getting up close and personal.

Yummm, Fried rice, egg rolls, sushi, orange chicken, and drinks**

Everybody loves food!

Best part of the party. An Insert Face here Sumo wrestler.


And this is why my family is so awesome, because they always pull through. This was definitely a night to remember and it was EXACTLY what I needed right before  the end of my leave and before my new journey was about to begin.

I can’t wait!