“Journalism is the first rough draft of history.” -Philip Graham

In case you’re wondering I’m quite the sucker for a good museum. I love em. Since I have been able to travel to D.C. a lot over the past few years, I always try to stop and look at some of the sites or go to some of the museums with M.

My favorite museum of all is the Spy Museum but next to it, I’d probably go with the NEWSEUM. I was able to go there on my last weekend in DC with M before I took leave and headed to Japan. It was amazing! This is coming from too very active nerds though. haha.

We started our tour off with a look at one of the towers found on the Berlin wall. The berlin wall just a smidge before my time, I was a tiny baby when that world news was happening, so it was very interesting to see and hear some of the drama.

A Watch Tower from the Berlin Wall

An indication of where you were in relation to the wall.

The day the wall Fell.

Graffiti on the Wall

This is definitely a serious museum. Some of the best stories also have the most heartache. One of the more cheerful areas was the exhibit by sports photographer John Rooney. He has some of the most iconic photographs in sports history including the above shot photograph knock out by Mike Tyson. Very bas ass.


Newspapers that were released across the world the day of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Fisheye view.

The tippy top of one of the tower that was recovered from the wreckage

A picture of all the photographers who have lost their lives doing what they love best over the past years.

There are many different exhibits that i have not talked about at the NEWSEUM. The two that were the most emotional for me were the 9/11 exhibit, and the Pulitzer prize winners photographers.

Most of those photographs were about impending doom of something or pictures of moments frozen in time right before something catastrophic such as death or a disaster. It was very moving too see and when I left the entire rest of the day I felt this ache in my heart. It was very emotional.

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